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About Author SHERYL DUNN

Sheryl is a Canadian living in Mexico, and finally knows what she wants to be when she grows up…a writer. She’s been almost everything except butcher, baker, and candlestick maker – bookkeeper, secretary, property manager, drug prosecutor, corporate lawyer, civil servant, and most recently, keyboard player with a Cuban band in Cancun.

The heroine in SWOOP is a stockbroker, skeet shooter, Karate expert, and murderer – Sheryl has worked in the investment business, shot skeet, studied Kenpo, and, yes, she’s thought about murdering on at least a few occasions.

The heroine’s husband and Nemesis is a securities lawyer – as a corporate lawyer, Sheryl has represented high tech clients on many private placements.

She’s not sure she’s grown up yet because when she learned that people close to her were abused as children, she didn’t want to believe it. When she saw how difficult life was for them, she wanted to do something about it. But what?

She could have written an academic treatise that few people would read  . . . but if she were to write a thriller?

Since then, she’s discovered the magic of characters who come to life. She hears their voices. She should be committed. And she is – committed to creating page-turners for the thinking man and woman.

 Books By Sheryl Dunn



You can admit it because this is the world of psychological thrillers, the world of fiction.

Loring Jeremias has it all: stunning looks, a career as a San Francisco stockbroker, and her loving husband David, a lawyer who defends the justice system—even when it fails. But she can’t forget her father’s child abuse and her angry memories threaten to destroy her marriage.

During a girl's night out and way too much wine, Loring and her two best friends, outraged at society’s failure to protect our children, play at being vigilantes—they devise ten rules for committing the perfect murder. Their targets…

Predatory pedophiles.

Just a game? Not for long, because when Loring stalks a pedophile to test the rules of the conspiracy and her resolve, she doesn't know her target is a serial killer and tortures his victims to death. She doesn't know he spotted her following him, but when he threatens her life and David's, the hunter becomes the hunted, and it's far too late for regret.

For the fans of Dexter and Law and Order:SVU, and for the many parents who worry about their children's safety, ANGRY ENOUGH TO KILL fulfills their fantasies of vigilante justice. Wonderful satire. Packed with suspense and action, yet much more than mere revenge fantasy.



Do you feel angry when the courts let a pedophile out of jail? Wouldn't you want to kill any pedophile who molested your children?
 Come on. You can admit it, because this is the world of fiction - the world of SWOOP, where over dinner, wine and laughter, three middle-class women devise ten rules for committing the perfect murder - they are going to rid the world of pedophiles.
 But when they decide to damn the consequences and turn fantasy into reality, each woman learns that you can't damn the consequences without the consequences damning you.


Arrrgh! Hate those writing rules? Learn how readers react to your story, scene or characters when you shape the rules to your advantage. Only then will your writer's voice emerge; only then will your writing sing.
 In EPIPHANIES, other writers like you struggle with passages from their works until they experience an epiphany. You might even experience a few epiphanies of your own.
 If you want to become a better writer, let this be your mantra: read—study—act . . . starting with EPIPHANIES.