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About Guests

DreamStone Publishing, Kim Lambert, Canberra Australia

Dreamstone has a history in Publishing of over 23 years.  Whilst the company initially started with publication of art prints, and has continued to work in that field, we rapidly expanded into book publication.

In 1990 we published “From Sea to Shining Star” by Bert Chandler, in two editions.  These collectors editions have not been reprinted, but we have a small store of copies which have now been released for sale.  If you are interested in obtaining one of them, please use the Shop page of this site to purchase.

In 23 years, the publishing world has moved on, and we now work with authors in a wide variety of fields  to bring their work to the world as Kindle books, and as print books, both available on Amazon, and other sales channels, worldwide.  For material to be viable as a book on Kindle, you only need around 3o to 60 pages of content, and a series of smaller books is often more successful than one large book.

If you would like to be published, at a fraction of the cost of traditional publishing, and with a much greater royalty return on each book that is sold, then we can help.  We will work with you to edit your copy, format it for Kindle and / or print, arrange ISBNs, listing on Amazon, all of the logistics and marketing plans, and initial launch marketing action through a range of channels (although we will be looking to you to use your existing client base or contacts to help make your book visible to the world) and all of the sales processes.

There is a one off initial charge to prepare and present your book, with launch activities included, then an ongoing share of the profits to us.  For that ongoing share, we deal with all of the paperwork – you simply receive regular payments and accounting of sales numbers and costs. See the “Get Published Now” and “Products and Services” pages of this site for more detailed information.

Please contact us for a detailed discussion of your book, and to get an individual proposal on what we can do for you, please use the contact us page in the first instance.


What's New ?


4 week online course, specifically aimed at people who want to create their first digital product (book, course, whitepaper, video course etc), especially those in small business, is . That course is just as applicable to authors who don’t know where to start – it is for non fiction, but there is much in there that is relevant for fiction too.

For people who are not sure that they want to spend any money yet, but need some help, I have a free Digital Product Blueprint, which lays out the steps in a mindmap – people can get that at .

"My new course, which is a 3 day intensive, in person, on site in Australia (unless I have enough interest from elsewhere – If I can get 10 people who want to do it, I will run it pretty much anywhere in the world) is called “Zero to Book” and takes people from idea to completed book in 3 days in a room with me. It is a $3000 course, but some discounts are available for groups booked together.

Prices for my basic and advanced publishing packages, and for writing coaching are on my website at

The prices and packages are indicative – every author and every book is different, so packages can be customised to suit, after some initial discussion with me. "




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