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Name: Clark Eide
Location: United States
It was a most enjoyable experience. Harry's questions were very good and to the point, and I found my half-hour conversation with him interesting and stimulating. I would be happy to come back on the show anytime.
Reply: thank you Clark for your time and thoughts. Always a pleasure to get guest like you who share ideas not just through work but on CarryOnHarry Studio Show too. I enjoyed talking to you as well. Cheers for now.

And my Big thank you to All the reputed Agencies , Guests and Listeners to be visiting us here. Please keep sharing this Show on your Social media Pages so that more word of mouth can help our guests reap the benefit of work they do and ideas they share on the show.
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Posted on: Tuesday - Jan 12, 2016
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Name: Ron Stelle
Location: Chicago, illinois
Enjoyed the interview very much. Harry asked excellent and poignant questions. He is a very good host. Thanks again and we will do it again sometime! Cheesy
Reply: That Means a Lot to me Ron Stelle ,it serve the purpose to delight you as my guest and my listeners who come with an expectations. I am learning through this process of feedback . And guests like you are my mentors who make me listen and prompt me to ask questions that bring out information that will be of great use to listeners. Thank You So Much
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Posted on: Wednesday - Dec 9, 2015
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Name: James Strait
Location: USA
Being a guest on CarryonHarry is something I look forward to from the moment we agree on a date and time. Harry's style of friendly probing brings out the best in his guests and I've felt very comfortable and welcome during both of my interviews. Thanks Harry!
Reply: Thank you Dear James. You have a Big Heart and you were most encouraging during your release of first Novel World War 3. Not just you gave me a story to discuss but you Subscribed for An Annual Advertisement Banner to host and contributed generously as an advertiser.This means a lot to Studio Operations . I am thankful for this too.

Now with your new release The Price of Contempt: When Islam Pushed Too Hard I wish you great success . Cheers
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Posted on: Wednesday - Dec 9, 2015
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Name: Harry Johal
Location: Singapore
Thank you to be my guest and thank you to be the Listener of stories that my guests share on the show. If you like or dislike something about this Show please feel free to give your feedback. I would be thankful to you . You Can Rate Here Super
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Posted on: Wednesday - Jun 10, 2015
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