Hindi Interview Q & A.

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Please Introduce yourself with good details and Express yourself as An Artist. We will present you to our audience.

Record The Interview Answers and Upload with details listed below to Play On Our Studio Platform.

Below is outline template for you to Audio Record Yourself and upload the audio file . Please do give mention of CarryOnHarry , About you and your work. Time is not limit here. This will be released on our platform and in Social Media for promotion.


Thank You

Tell us about your Self. Your Name, Band Name, Location, Years in Music Industry ?

"Hi I am ......... here at Studio CarryOnHarry and I am here to share about  ….. 

What was your Initial attraction joining Music Industry ? How do you see it today ?

Making Music. How passionate are you about it. How would you define it as a process ?

Usually in your case how does song / music making process starts ? Any example ?

Tell us about your new release? What does it talks about ?

How important is it for you to go by market trends?

Rejection or acceptance by listeners how much does that it matters to you ?

Live Performances or Studio Recordings , Your Preferences. Any insights you would like to quote ?

What Genres you would like to attempt in future ?

Who are your influences ? How do you try to stay unique and yet create a niche for your self ?

Any message for Studio CarryOnHarry Studios ?