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Mr Lee Kwan Yew

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CarryOnHarry Talk Show

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Why i chose my guest and topic " Business Of Domains with former V.P of GoDaddy Adam Dicker" ?
Posted 1on: Thursday - May 14, 2015
He is one of the few whose $10 investment fetch him a few million Dollar . Not by Accident but through Knowledge of Business of Domains.

Set up a great Example of your own Success story - Harry Johal
Posted 1on: Thursday - May 14, 2015
Set up a great Example of your own Success story, create a self worth by being successful as a Family Person , as a professional , as whatever you consider and define success to be .

Vladimire Calixte is a Therapist, Empowerment Coach, Author, Transformational Speaker, and the founder of Life Rebuilding
Posted 1on: Thursday - May 14, 2015
Calixte is the author of Naked and Transparent: Six Vital Tools for Knowing Yourself and Attracting Healthy Relationships

Investment and Role of Financial advisor with Douglas Goldstein
Posted 1on: Sunday - May 10, 2015
Douglas Goldstein is a director with Portfolio Resources International Group, which is based in Miami, Fla. and Israel.

Swedish country music recording artist Hicks
Posted 1on: Sunday - May 10, 2015
accomplished songwriter from the south of Sweden, with multiple Gold and Platinum records to his credit.

Posted 1on: Thursday - Apr 30, 2015
Ms. LeTonya F. Moore, an inspirational powerhouse who shares life lessons she has learned along the way in life in her recently released book, "Live Like a Champion", her ministry, and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Meet Book Author Patrick Moore
Posted 1on: Thursday - Apr 30, 2015
Patrick H. Moore is a Los Angeles based Private Investigator, Sentencing Mitigation Specialist, and crime writer

Lana McMullen’s debut album, Traveling Light
Posted 1on: Tuesday - Apr 28, 2015
Traveling Light represents a rich hybrid of the singer/songwriter's Americana roots, her background as a classical singer, and her experiences as an experimental artist.

Darren Guyaz and Beth Wesche New Album
Posted 1on: Tuesday - Apr 28, 2015
The Water’s Edge is the debut release from March To May, out April 25th, 2015.

Canadian Artist Billy Grima on Talk Show
Posted 1on: Tuesday - Apr 28, 2015
His smooth and soulful sound has earned him comparisons to contemporaries Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson and even Bruno Mars.

Talk Show Host Harry Johal

CarryonHarry Talk Show is a platform where each member appearing on its show shares his/her inspiring story of success.

Over 300 Shows From Holywood to Bollywood Cinema celebrities , Reality TV show performers like "America's Got Talent " and more , Grammy Award Winners to newcomers . Everyone has told a story on Harry Johal's Talk Show.

Do you have a story ? Do you have it in you ? If Answere is Yes. Why Not be here .... Some new stories can be read here

Guest Experiences For Being On The Show

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  1. Success Coach Scott Hansen
  2. Success Coach Author Amy Collette
  3. Success Coach Jimmy Lee
  4. Marina Anderson Wife Of Hollywood Star David Caradine
  5. Success Coach Wendy Nolin
  6. Actor Tommy Otis The Convicted
  7. Nominated President United States America 2016 - Tom Ufert
  8. VP EquityNet James Murphy Promo Introduction
  9. Dr Kathy Gruver Relations Expert - Author - Speaker - Theripst
  10. Author John Rixey Moore
  11. Belinda Farrell Book Author Intro
  12. Book Author Nancy Hartwell HArem Slave
  13. Book Author Dog of God by SHer Selator
  14. Peter Mehit serial Entrepreneur and Book author
  15. Suzanne Strisower Life Purpose Expert & Life and Career Coach
  16. Book Author Glenn Maynard Paranormal Romance book Desert Son
  17. Alan Abel renowned Professional Media Hoax
  18. Book Author Barbara Archer Author/Radio Personality
  19. Book Author Norma Yaeger Author from Spain
  20. Book Author Walter B Biondi ( Former Head Of Two Federal Law Enforcement Agency United States )
  21. Jana Petken Book Author from Spain
  22. Michael Datcher, Book Author- Professor Marymount University’s English Department
  23. Debra Rogers Author/Film Script Analyst He Did You A Favor
  24. James Evangelidis Australia most connected man on LinkedIn (30 Million)
  25. The Maybelline Prince : DANNÉ MONTAGUE-KING DMK Founder Rebuilding Skin, Rebuilding Lives
  26. Guest Experience : Hollywood Veteran Alex Cord
  27. Guest Experience : Grammy Winners Club Nouveau Samuelle
  28. Guest Experience :Hip Hop Artist NikWest
  29. Guest Experience : Musician Lachi (ft. on Oprah Radio ) about The Show
  30. Guest Shoutout Maria Cozette
  31. Guest Experience : Ed Roman Musician about The Show
  32. Guest Experience : Dr Ortiz about The Show
  33. Guest Experience : Asian Rockstar Daler Mehndi about The Show
  34. Guest Shoutout Hollywood Director Jostan Theney Axeman at Cutter's Creek
  35. Guest Shoutout Art Davis about Upcoming Show

Thank You To All My Renowned Guests
For Your Humble Compliments.

- Harry Johal , Talk Show Host

Harry Johal
Official LinkCarryonHarry Talk Show on IMDB

Hi ,
Thank You for visiting Here. If you are keen to be part of show. Please Specify your Location Details and Contact Details . Your Email is important, It may take sometime to get reply depending on bookings in hand.Show can take from 3 to 7 days to be on Air.

Every show is designed in accordance with your story and list of achievements.Last minute cancellation can make someone else miss an opportunity so please send serious enquiries only and honour your and our time.

I appreciate your interest.
Thank You.
- Harry Johal ,
Talk Show Host

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Premium Services Clients
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Connie Allen, Blackjack Dealer,
Casino Expert Autho

A professional Blackjack Dealer for 16 years, former casino employee Connie Allen is ready to share step by step how to keep your money a while longer for the Novice Players.
A few tips for the experience players also.
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LiquidOff technology offers a safe and effective self-cleaning solution through the use of nanotechnology. Compared to traditional applications, LiquidOff is completely safe and produces excellent results in regards to its hydrophobic properties and washing permanence. LiquidOff will never affect the look, feel, breathability, or color of any treated materials.

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Pulse media International understands the needs of the media and have cultivated strong relationships with the media who trust us and come to us for information.

As a former journalist Colleen is times 3 Emmys,and Pulse media International understands the needs of the media and have cultivated strong relationships with the media who trust us and come to us for information.

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"Hailey Rose is a wonderful, gifted storyteller. Her book is an honest and inspirational tale of abuse survival. It is well written, and will captivate the hearts and minds of readers everywhere."

-Kait Neese, Director,  Best Selling Books Rights Agency

"A fascinating story about overcoming the consequences of abuse. Too many women deal with the long-term consequences of a traumatic childhood. Hailey Rose's story should inspire others to never stop reaching for their dreams and to not let the past weigh them down."

-Vicki Lopez-Beecham, MD



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