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Meet Mark Taft Screen Writer From Chicago ?
Sunday - December 17, 2017 9:00 pm     Views:80     A+ | a-
the great goldie rush will be one very unusual and bizarre type of gold rush!!!
the great goldie rush will be one very unusual and bizarre type of gold rush!!!
Established or Still in the process of establishing , talent always has one word in common which is "ASPIRING" . Aspiring to do some work that he / she has desire to prove his her talent or do some extra ordinary work that has not been accomplished. Today meet an aspiring actor,screenwriter,producer from Chicago.
What are You Passionate about in your Work Goal ?
My name is mark taft and i am very passionate about making the major accomplishments in regards to acting in films,tv,tv commercials, completing my script, getting my script to some major movie producers,and getting my script actually both produced and made into an actual feature film that somehow,someway get to actually star in!!yes star in!!!!
So Far How Has Your Journey like ? Tell Us about Work Life and Experiences from it ??
so far my journey has been pretty good,however it is has alot of its ups and downs alot,very much like a roller coaster ride, it can be very tough,but also very challenging and fun too!!!in regards to my work life and experiences from it, i would say that it has been good,bad,ugly,frustrating,depressing,fun,exciting and very challenging!!no doubt about it!!
How do you think you can Improve the Quality of Writing in contrast to your contemporary Writers ?
well, that is a very good question, that is really hard to say,all writers have their very own unique,very special talents,and ideas for stories/scripts. so their are amny,many ways of improving,however, i really cannot answer that one for you at all,very sorry!!
How do you find Hollywood to be like for Writers ?
Hollywood is the perfect place for writers in every way 100%!!!it is a place where writers should always be at all times to write their scripts and stories and get them to both major producers and studios asap!!!hollywood is the ultimate place!!the best of the best!!!
What sort of Film Genre You want to Write ?
this would be a major combination of both comedy,drama,action,and fantasy all wrapped into one story!that is what makes it totally stand out in every way from all of the rest out there!!!
How do You Conceive Your Plots and Characters ? Any specific pattern emerges to your mind When I ask you this ?
you concieve your plots and characters in ways to make them look very real,very interesting,very bizarre,very one of a kind and very unique in many many different ways!!making them and the story as real as possible!!not at all east to do either,trust me on that!!
How important is the Script for a film ? Can an Artist or Director rise above Script ?
this script is very very important in every way!!! yes artists and directors could very much rise above the script very easily with no problem due to the total uniquemess of the script/story!this story is completely different from anything else period!!
Your Most Recent Work , released or unreleased that you are working Upon ?
nothing recent at all,i did have some minor supporting roles in 2 low budget feature films in the past.they were know as: the lost girls/lafemme vampire and the business of death
Any message for readers of this Interview ?
My name is mark taft i am an aspiring actor,screenwriter,producer in chicago. ill currently working on a totally awesome movie script about a very famous celebrity actress named goldie hawn
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