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The Nine Prosperity Activators ....... I read about
April 24th, 2016 5:32 am
I read this recently

The Nine Prosperity Activators are as follows: 1. Trust 2. Willingness 3. Enthusiasm 4. Power 5. Patience 6. Integrity 7. Money 8. Pleasure 9. Generosity

Bullet Points When you accomplish this, prosperity will naturally arise in your life and without effort.
  • #Believe that Present as a more friendly and workable place, regardless of how many uncertainties seem to compromise your experience of it. practice of listening, reflecting and contemplating. 
  • #Willingness When inspiration comes, it is your role to ACT on that inspiration. This takes willingness. fear and negativity is what is keeping you back from embodying a true willingness.willingness you move the focus from the obstacle (fear and negativity) onto the remedy.
  • #Enthusiasm  your true nature is meant to shine, radiate, illuminate and transform yourself and others.
  • #Power is when you take full responsibility over your reality and exercise the power necessary to create your own life experiences.
  • #Prosperity only exists in the present moment and the key to realizing this is patience. Be patient with yourself and the world. you need to be willing to face everything the present moment has to offer. It may not be pretty in the moment, but it is the only place to start. Waiting means you are counting minutes, hours or days until you reach a goal or achieve an objective. Patience is the awareness that what you are seeking is already here.
  • #Integrity  your ability to stay true to yourself, and to know right from wrong.The law of karma, for example, which states that all actions, no matter how small, have results. 
  • #Money Healing your own personal “Money Wound” is vital to the awakening of prosperity in your own life, as well as within the collective.u. The best use of money is to leverage it so that you can amplify your own and others.
  • Something you have access to, something you can bring into the world and share with other people. Everybody has their gifts and talents. Find yours and share them!
  • pleasure is a guidance system and inner joy and positive emotions are your compass! 
As the put some more ideas into work this month
March 7th, 2016 12:18 pm
Good Morning to my blog guests. Its 3.19 Am in the morning or night whatever  you may call it. March has just started and i am looking forward to my IT Solution team to hand me over the concept that i am in process of implementing this month.

Sometimes due to time constarants and sometime due to clashing time zones i have to ignore/reject  certain guests who want to be part of Studio Activities. I feel it bad though to do it. As a solution to this  i am this month implementing Text Interviews where by A Guest will be sent a set of questions to answer in the Studio Guest Panel and once they submit the answers it will be published after editing and review. This will cut down cost of connecting and above all those who request at times of my non availability they too can be part of Studio Listeners / Web Readers to tell about themselves and showcase work.

Mainly the most affected ones are from European countries I do receive emails / New released Songs & Albums and offer to interview them however it sometimes does not happen due to time clashes with activities at my end. In that way Putting new ideas to work will help server broder market.

Also you can Subscribe to Itunes Channel of CarryOnHarry by visiting Itunes New episodes were added yesterday.

I want to reach far and wide so much talent is available around who need coverage , who need to connect to audience for recognition. Trying to do best of my ability

Value Your Talent by staying Passionate Creator
February 11th, 2016 9:34 pm

There is a difference between Talented Creative Musicians and those who come winning the PUB Audience through some intoxicating compositions and stay in news for 2 to 4 years and after that only to be found during Google Searches ...

The Real Gems are those who consistently can touch the all emotional chords through music ....

Some even stay busy adding a beat hear or there in anticipation to be world famous sooner or later.... Consistency in Passion is required and so is energy with which the notes are composed at the time of first chord being plucked on the instrument Dont search for a Hit Tune around to mix it better but staying Creative CREATE the thing .... it is Enhancement and not creation ....

difference between and Architect and Artist is the Raw Lines v/s The fine lines Bollywood has some finest gems making music and sooner or later they get back to what they are known for Creating The Music ....

advice is find a way what makes you madly in love with creation process ... immerse yourself into that which makes you forget your conscious creativeness... rather get into that deeper depth of unconsciousness to bring out something that belongs to you and is by you and which u never expected .....

Draw Your raw lines ..... forget about perfect lines ... make a few mistakes and rediscover yourself


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