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Noisy Cedric Hill Film

Noisy – A film by Cedric Hill

Popularity Views : 107 Cedric Hill has won multiple honors and distinctions as a writer, director, and producer of both film and theatre.  In 2005, he founded To & Fro Productions, a film company dedicated to telling gripping stories with depth and sophistication. As executive producer he wears many hats from developing scripts, creating budgets

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Meet Bollywood Playback Singer and Ravishing Actress – Singer Ayaana Khan

Popularity Views : 205 Studio CarryOnHarry in Association BalleBalleRadio : Meet CarryOnHarry Talk Show Guest Bollywood Playback Singer Ayaana Khan, in talks with show host Harry Johal The most awaited single ‘Leke Pehla Pehla Pyaar’ is finally out for all to enjoy. The music is in collaboration with Saregama. She has given the entertainment industry

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Baby Boom or Bust ? A Lot of lockdown babies could be on the way as Cytoplan reports significant spike in pregnancy supplement

Press Release : UK based supplement brand Cytoplan reports 39% uplift in sales of Pregna-Plan – a pregnancy and pre-conception formula

It comes as research suggests we could see 1.9 million babies born in 2021 and 2022

What is a pregnancy formula & why should we take one? Cytoplan CEO and Nutritional Therapist Amanda Williams answers in an exclusive Q&A

April 2021: In recent research commissioned by Starling Bank, it was reported that England and Wales could see 1.9 million babies born in 2021 and 2022, with more than half of people polled revealing they want to have a child in the next two years. And UK based supplement brand and pioneers of Food State and Wholefood supplements, Cytoplan can support this notion as it confirms a 39% uplift in sales during lockdown of its popular pregnancy and pre-conception formula; Pregna-Plan.

Pregna-Plan is a comprehensive food-based prenatal multivitamin and mineral complex formulated for all stages of pregnancy, including preconception , pregnancy and during breastfeeding

According to ONS there were 640,000 babies born in 2019, and 657,000 born in 2018, suggesting birth rates were dropping in the years leading up to the pandemic, and that although the data compares intentions to have a child with actual births, new research suggests the UK could be on the cusp of a baby boom in the months ahead.

Amanda Williams CEO at Cytoplan, said: “During pregnancy the foetal growth increases your needs for micronutrients by an extra 50% so it’s very important to ensure you are supported with a multi-nutrient formula that also contains a good source of folate to support growth. We are seeing a significant uplift in pregnancy supplements at Cytoplan with Pregna-Plan up 39% when compared to last year which supports the suggestion that we could expect to see a ‘baby boom’ on the way. Pregna-Plan is an all-round, supportive formula that contains both Folic acid (as methylfolate – the most bioeffective form of this nutrient) and vitamin D3 with a range of vitamins and minerals including Selenium, Magnesium, Vitamin E and Calcium; a wholefood supplement suitable for vegans too.”

The scientific supplement manufacturer, known best for its ‘food state’, organic and wholefood product ranges has recently extended its premium pregnancy and infant range with a comprehensive dairy-free probiotic formula for babies called Baby Biotic after years of demand from healthcare practitioners and clinicians, and the next year will see Cytoplan explore the ground-breaking male fertility space.

About Pregna-Plan
Pregna-Plan is a comprehensive food-based prenatal multivitamin and mineral complex formulated for all stages of pregnancy, including preconception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Free from dairy, gluten, GMOs, added sugar and soy; Pregna-Plan is vegan and comprises all of the most appropriate vitamins and minerals necessary for women and babies during preconception and pregnancy, and this includes the current UK Government recommendations for Folic Acid and Vitamin D3. Pregna-Plan is available to purchase via the Cytoplan website: www.cytoplan.co.uk/pregna-plan RRP £16.20*



A Q&A with Amanda Williams, Nutritional Therapist and CEO at CYTOPLAN

If I am trying to conceive, what supplements should I consider taking?

Amanda Williams; CEO and Nutritional Therapist at Cytoplan said: “It is really important that you are taking a good source of folate and have been taking this for at least 6 weeks before you get pregnant. This nutrient supports growth in the body and in the early stages of pregnancy when there is a great deal of growth, often even before you know you are pregnant. My advice would be to take our Pregna-Plan formula along with a source of Omega 3 such as Omega 3 Vegan; which will mean you will be ingesting nutrients needed for pregnancy in a really good form and at good levels of inclusion to support pregnancy. Folate as methylfolate (the most bioeffective form of this nutrient) is in included in this product at the Government’s recommended level.”

How can a pregnancy supplement help during my pregnancy?

Amanda Williams; CEO and Nutritional Therapist at Cytoplan said: “During pregnancy the foetal growth increases your needs for micronutrients by an extra 50%, but only increases calorific needs by 30%. So it is very easy for a nutrient gap to develop during pregnancy if one is relying on food alone for micronutrient intake. Most people in the western world have a nutrition gap in their lives even before pregnancy increases this gap. A multi-nutrient formula taken throughout life is one way of ensuring a good intake of protective nutrients to make up for any shortfalls in dietary intake. During pregnancy this should take the form of a specific pregnancy formula so that needs of nutrients important for the health of the mother and foetal development are included at the right levels to safeguard the mother and help the baby to be as healthy as possible.”

Which supplements should I stop taking when I conceive?

Amanda Williams; CEO and Nutritional Therapist at Cytoplan said: “There are many thousands of supplements on the market so it is impossible for me to list all that should be excluded during pregnancy. However always read labels carefully as any that should not be taken during pregnancy have a warning to this effect in bold on the label. Often the reason for exclusion of various supplements is that the product has not been tested during pregnancy but equally there are some products that can affect hormone levels or increase peristalsis which are excluded by virtue of their action.  But the key is to read product labels and website information before taking anything during pregnancy.”

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