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Bollywood Film Director Vivek Sharma shares his journey.

This year in 2021 Studio CarryOnHarry will bring 50 amazing people from different walks of life to share own success story to go through and bring out the process behind that success.

In this attempt we have our guest filmmaker , writer , producer Vivek Sharma on board to reflect upon his success story. Vivek made his mark into bollywood with his debut film a multi starer Bhootnath with AMITABH BACHCHAN, SHAHRUKH KHAN , JUHI CHAWLA. His latest release A Game Relationship (2020) too is fetching rave reviews on MXPlayer India , IMDB. You can watch it online by visiting mxplayer.in and google the name ” A Game Called Relationship”.


Language: Hindi Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama Year: 2020

Director: Vivek Sharma Actor: Sumit Suri, Mandy Takhar, Sabeena Sheema, Vivek Sharma

Film is about A couple which is in Live-in relationship fake their brake up to see how their close friends will go but they become victim of their own game.

On this occasion we sent some open ended questions to Vivek not to answer but to reflect upon and express his thoughts that can help aspiring for success people. Here is what he wrote back to us.

Hi my name is Vivek Sharma filmmaker in bollywood who has made cult classic BHOOTNATH as writer director for one of most prestigious banner B. R Films. Being the creator of the Character Bhootnath and casting a legend like Amitabh Bachchan for it is itself a milestone in itself. The Best part is that Dada ( Mr. Bachchan ) has accommodated me in his thoughts, which is an honor in itself. Going back to my story i would say I am not a fluke. I wanted to become a filmmaker and i became. I am self made and so proud of my upbringing that i never compromised with my passion and ethics.. I have special love to write poetry and have a well acclaimed poetry book meant “Mohabbat Urdu Hai”, which is doing very well on flipkart and other platforms. The best part is that this again was inaugurated and appreciated by Mr Bachchan. Thank You DADA

In your story what was the Dream that you wanted to build up …..

A Niche commercial cinema with sensibility and human emotions.Films , Films and more films .

The problem i was facing …. ( emotional, financial , uninspired, self blocks )

I faced all kinds of problems from getting creatively restless to zero money in hand. I had always reminded myself that till i am full of possibilities i need not to worry. Things have started happening in the right direction now. Each day people are coming forward to join me.

The obstacles i was facing … ( hurdles that seemed like mountain to put an action plan )

Biggest hurdle is to convince people who are marred by prejudices and regular approach of making money not the film. It becomes really tough to get funds for out of the box commercial films. But nevertheless i went ahead with my own funds to put my work ahead of my obstacles.

The Out Of Box thing in my mind …. ( i need to rise and how ? )

Being a creative person i am constantly improving and working on my skills. i beleive in preparedness. Be it film scripting or be it technical aspects of cinema. I stay on social media to keep an eye on pulse of public taste. This all helps me to understand what different approach i have to take and keep myself unique and acceptable.

I definitely need to attempt my bigger films and create milestones. As subjects are out of the box it faces issues of apt casting. I have spoken to few big stars and now i see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The initial attempt …. ( my first fix, what i learnt from it )

I always felt that people force their fear in you in the name of suggestions so i took a brave route by not involving many people and believing in my content. Success of Bhoothnath and now A Game Called Relationship has given me immense happiness that i could do it. I have learnt to follow my instinct rather than people.

The light at the tunnel end … ( aha … i can see i am on the right track )

Today when i look back at my released feature film work, be it Bhootnath or my recent fling A Game Called Relationship i feel proud of it. This i can say with confidence today because the kind of feedback i am receiving on IMDB ratings and messages that i am receiving from people on social media, what’s app etc. This assures me that Yes i am on the right track and i clearly see the light at tunnel end.

Based on this i am getting more confident as i am ready with a lot of good scripts like Kimaach, Mere Paise Kahan Hain, Langda and Ka Kha Gha Nanga which gives me hope to rise as a filmmaker but also take Indian Cinema to another height.

The Ultimate action that paid me back …. ( i worked on a few key areas to see results )

I took risk by making Bhoothnath which is a story of a child and a ghost. A love story which is being cherished even now. Similarly A Game Called Relationship with new comers but brilliant story telling and emotions.That has made me a brand. A filmmaker with commercial approach yet sensible.

What i want to tell you as conclusion of mine from my story …. ( your bite of inspiring others )

I am a fearless filmmaker and cannot ever bow down to the market or star system. I am here to make cult films purely based on creativity, originality and novelty.
My journey from small town Jabalpur to Mumbai has been amazing. I am the biggest example for many to realize their dreams by taking on hurdles head on. It’s my life and will never let filmmaker in me die.

As Mr Bachchan gave me a handwritten letter after watching Bhoothnath, which says,”Tumhare andar madhyam varg ki bheeni khushbu hai, filmein banti bigadti rahengi magar tum sirf apne dil ki sunna. Tumhara bhavishya ujjwal hai.”

About his future projects

Now Bhootnath director Vivek Sharma comes forward with a Hard-Hitting film on 1975 Emergency titled “KIMAACH”.

The story “KIMAACH” is based on the struggle of Muslim Couple during the times of 1975 – 1976 Emergency.

On this Vivek Sharma replies “We will be also recreating that era of 1975. Its a good expensive Big Budgeted film and This will be made in two languages -Hindi and Tamil. Entire Shooting will be held in the state of Uttar Pradesh and we might be revealing the Hidden places too in Uttar Pradesh as a part of ‘Incredible India’. ”

The biggest Surprise factor is that Big Tamil star has been roped in, Name of the star will be revealed as the project progresses. Well, this sounds a bit Prestigious and Hard-Hitting Cinema isn’t it?

The film will be Produced by Filmzone and Directed by Vivek Sharma. Shooting of Kimaach to go on shooting floors soon and can’t wait to know the Truth of ‘1975 Emergency’.

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