Acoustic Guitar Professional Full Size Cutaway Folk Guitarra Bundle With Beginners Kit (Gig Bag Tuner Strap Picks Strings Capo String) (41 Inch, Spruce)


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AKLOT acoustic guitarAKLOT acoustic guitar

AKLOT 41 inch Full Size Acoustic Guitar





Tuner machine

Tuner machine

Round corner binding

Beginner always gets annoyed by the edge of the guitar, the right angle edge is very uncomfortable to your arm, but AKLOT solved this problem by rounding the binding which makes for very smooth and friendly angles for your wrist and arms.

Special fingerboard

Tradition acoustic guitar will always have the problem that when the humidity changes, the frets will spring out and scratch your hand. but AKLOT solved this problem by inserting a block into the fingerboard where the side of the frets, that can somewhat prevent the wood shrinking and avoid the frets spring out.then you can always enjoy a smooth fingerboard.

18:1 machine head

Beginner always feels frustrate when his guitar can not be tuned to a correct pitch. but this is not a problem for AKLOT acoustic guitar, we use 18:1 tuner machine to lock the string in place, the most important is that you can tune your guitar very precisely thanks to its high ratios. keep in the right tune is the most important than any others.


How to adjust the neck


How to adjust the neck

In a normal situation, the guitar neck should keep straight and level, but acoustic guitar uses steel string which has a huge tension and may bend the neck and cause buzzing. we sue a two-way truss rod that helps the guitar adjust its neck and keep straight under the huge tension of the string.


When the neck is been bend backward the string

The truss rod is at the end of the neck, you can see and adjust it from the soundhole

Slowly clockwise adjust the truss rod with the Allen wrench, and see the change of the neck. till it back to level then stop adjust.


When the neck is been bend toward the string

Slowly counterclockwise adjust the truss rod till the neck back to level.

You can also use this method to adjust the action.




Acoustic guitarAcoustic guitar

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CUTAWAY DREADNOUGHT BODY: The acoustic guitar choose cutaway dreadnought body, making it easier for access to the higher frets when playing and the tone is brighter .Totally 20 Frets with Fret position marks at 3th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th and 17th frets.
ADJUSTABLE FOR ACCURATE: The acoustic guitar comes with an sealed 1/18 gear tuning pegs and stainless steel strings. Two-way truss rod allows you customize your own action, Carefully sanded frets with low fingerboard, make you play the guitar more enjoyable.
Unparalleled Craftsmanship: The acoustic guitar designed with a covered rounded edge for comfortable practicing and playing. On both sides of fingerboard, we add white reinforcement line , with smooth edge frets to prevent the hand from scratching and ensure that the fingerboard and the product are not deformed.
WHAT YOU GET: AKLOT acoustic guitar comes with gig bag, digital clip-on tuner, strings, picks, strap, guitar capo, pickguard, string winder and cleaning cloth.If any question,please contact us.

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