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America is a huge, diverse country with Yankee home cooking and Tex Mex cuisine. People ski on frozen Vermont mountains and surf the big waves in sun drenched California. One thing that binds it all together is TV. Television is American culture, a common thread that holds it all together on a nightly basis as we assemble around our living rooms to watch our favorite characters and shows.

Twenty years ago, TVT Records was born with its first release, Television’s Greatest Hits. Now after having sold millions of its TV theme compilations around the world, America’s #1 independent label for the past 4 years running is returning to its roots. In celebration of TVT’s 20th Anniversary, it is releasing the ultimate TV collection, All Time Top 100 TV Themes, featuring themes drawn from all the original sources.

Hearing these theme songs consistenly evokes a strong emotional response, pointing to a time when everyone watched the same TV shows again and again. From I Love Lucy and Green Acres to Batman and The Monkees, to Welcome Back Kotter and M*A*S*H to Pee Wee’s Playhouse and Twin Peaks to Friends and Six Feet Under, virtually anyone who grew up American watching television is sure to want a nostalgic piece of their shared cultural past.

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