So Wrong, It's Right - Exclusive Limited Edition Gold Vinyl LP


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(as of May 24,2021 13:13:58 UTC – Details)

So Wrong, It’s Right – Exclusive Limited Edition Gold Vinyl LP

1 – This Is How We Do
2 – Let It Roll
3 – Six Feet Under The Stars
4 – Holly (Would You Turn Me On?)
5 – The Beach
6 – Dear Maria, Count Me In
7 – Shameless
8 – Remembering Sunday
9 – Vegas
10 – Stay Awake (Dreams Only Last For A Night)
11 – Come One, Come All
12 – Poppin’ Champagne

Playing this record is recommended on a high quality player with anti-skate features. Other things you can try to help with skipping if you can’t adjust the anti-skate: Make sure your record player is perfectly flat – use a level tool to check it If you can’t get it flat simply by placement, try putting index cards beneath the feet of the turntable to adjust

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