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  1. New Releases & Promo Talks
  2. Pinky Paras Mehndi Making
  3. Manjeet Singh Making of Maa
  4. Sanj C Music Producer HoneyMoon
  5. Nachattar Gill Making of Khusboo & More
  6. INTRODUCING New Talent Jey Bee Rapper from Ldh. Punjab
  7. SUNNY HAYRE Making of Dil Bankey
  8. Foji Gill Making of Ek Peg Track
  9. MoneySpinner Making Of Ticketan
  10. Rapper DMC and UV from UK - ComeOnBaby
  11. Nashiley Nain with Asian Bhangra Artist Parneet Hundal
  12. SK1 Making Haan Kar De Asian Bhangra Artist
  13. Simon Singh British Asian Bhangra Artist
  14. SK1 Making Haan Kar De Asian Bhangra Artist
  15. Simon Singh British Asian Bhangra Artist
  16. Making of Nach Nach
  17. Enkarma Asian Bhangra Band from N. America
  18. Punjabi Bhangra Artist Lali Wanjara on CarryonHarry Show
  19. Prince LakshyaRaj Singh on CarryonHarry Show
  20. Nesdi Jones making waves in Punjabi Music
  21. Tripet Speaks About Her Debut
  22. Kayrun Speaks About SWAG
  23. Mick Talks About Singh Sardara
  24. This Side of Luv with Luv Randhawa
  25. Dark MC Speaks about Mind Games
  26. Sona Walia About SARDARA
  27. Jeet Chahil Mele Vich Dhol Vajda
  28. Foji Talks about Mentah
  29. MoneySpinner Chit Kareh
  30. Meshi Speaks about Dil Mangdi
  31. Gagan Sharma Jaan Magdi Making
  32. Bups Saggu Making of Lalkara
  33. Dj Harvey Making of Anpad Desi
  34. Asshu Trikha Director Koyelaanchal
  35. Jags Klimax Making of Hanji
  36. Pinky Paras Saawan mein Lag Gayi Aag Debut
  37. King Of Stage Johal Premi from UK
  38. Rob-E Speaks about New Single Friend
  39. Shaan Akash Once Again Ghaint Shikari
  40. Playback Singer Bollywood Aman Trikha
  41. Music Director Palash Muchhal Dishkiyaaoon
  42. Sham Kaushal Internationally Acclaimed Action Director
  43. Sohail Sen Making of Music for Gunday
  44. Parmeshwar K R After Madras Cafe
  45. Amal Malik Music Director on Debut Jai Ho
  46. Hoi Hoi Making with Foji Gill
  47. MUsic Director Monty Sharma
  48. Film Actress Bollywood Veena Malik
  49. British Asian Artist Jeet Chahil Mere vali
  50. British Asian Artists Sarika Gill on Bach Ke
  51. Aditi Rao Hydari Actress Boss Murder 3
  52. Desi Dark Child Raj Jassal from UK
  53. Film Actor Chandan Roy Sanyal On Parag and Kaanchi
  54. Theatre personality Anant Mahapatra
  55. Hrithik Roshan And Rakesh Roshan on Krish 3
  56. Jr Dread on his new Album Release
  57. Usman Rehman on Majajan
  58. Amarjeet Singh Kohli Book Author
  59. Global with Bups Saggu
  60. Johnny Mirza On Dance With Me
  61. Playback singer Anirudh Bhola on Bollywood Singing
  62. Jazz Sahota speaks on 2 Much New Release
  63. Deep Jandu On His New Release
  64. Anita Lerche Denish Singer on her Punjabi Track Sammi
  65. Tohr Vekh Ke With Luv Randhawa Making on CarryonHarry Show
  66. Moneyspinner Mahi Ve Mahi Making on CarryonHarry Show
  67. Harry Singh Debutant Singer on CarryonHarry Show
  68. Aman Trikha Playback Singer on CarryonHarry Show
  69. Shomik Basuray Entreprenuer on CarryonHarry Show
  70. Playback Singer Palak Muchchal on CarryonHarry Show
  71. Rishi Once Again With Aaja Ve Mahi
  72. Making of Sikandar : Punjabi Film 21 June 2013
  73. Flint J Speaks on Aashiqan de Music Video
  74. Intenso on Making Of Aashiq
  75. Bally Rai on Mool Mantar by Dharam Seva Records
  76. Sarika Speaks on Punjabi Suit
  77. Cloud 9 Music
  78. DJ Rags on Balle Balle & Fatman Scoop
  79. Preet Mani On Making of Nachdi
  80. San2 Nayo Lagda Dil
  81. Tamir Khan on Carry On Harry Show
  82. RaOol D Wunder & Max Wolf on Carry On Harry Show
  83. Tindy Rix On Carry On Harry Show
  84. Shafaqat Amanat Ali The Rockstar Ustad
  85. Sukhshinder Shinda ON Choj Khalse De
  86. Jeet Chahil Speaks on Kaim Sardari
  87. Jeet Chahil Speaks on Kaim Sardari
  88. Ali Romeo On Making Of Mahi
  89. Punjabi Rapper Munda Kamsi From Ludhiana
  90. Shan Akash "Gabroo Shokeen
  91. Film Maker Tagore Almeida
  92. Keerthi Sagathia playback Singer from Mumbai
  93. Shruti Pathak playback Singer from Mumbai
  94. Gary Sethi Fitness Expert Toronto
  95. Making Of Do It Tonight With Rishi
  96. Making Of Style With Offlicense
  97. Foji On Making Of Whatever
  98. Bups Saggu on Drama Queen
  99. Luv Randhawa on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  100. Jeet Chahil Gulabi Suit on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  101. Desi dark Child on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  102. DJ Gurps speaks on Ous Kuri 2 on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  103. Imraan Danish Pakistan Music Composer Singer
  104. Mangi Mahal Punjabi Singer Songwriter
  105. Flint J From Dubai
  106. Rash Frantic Singapore Music Producer
  107. Hard Kaur Party Loud All Year on Talk Show
  108. Chandrakant Singh Producer ScapeGoat on Talk Show
  109. Film Maker Tagore Almeida On Carry On Harry Talk Show
  110. Ali Abbas Singing Sensation from Uk
  111. Jassi Jalandhari Music Composer on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  112. Biti British Asian Artist on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  113. Sabrina Gill on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  114. Sky's The Limit Producers on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  115. Daler Mehandi on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  116. Dream B3ats Carry On Harry Talk Show
  117. Nav Sidhu on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  118. Desi Dark Child on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  119. Madan Maddi on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  120. Nirmal Siddhu on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  121. En Karma Band on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  122. Varinder Singh Kabaddi Once Again on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  123. Mc Special on Carry On Harry Talk Show
  124. Carry On Harry With Taur Mitran Di Director Navaniat Singh
  125. Carry On Harry With Director Sneh Tulli
  126. Carry On Harry With Sukshinder Shinda
  127. Carry On Harry With Music Director Sachin
  128. Carry On Harry Talk Show With Bups Saggu
  129. Carry On Harry Talk Show With Gupz Saund
  130. Carry On Harry Show With Punjabi Singer Manjit Pappu
  131. Talk Show With Sunanda Shetty
  132. Sumit Dutt Song Director Bodyguard Ready.
  133. Talk Show With Singers Roop Kumar Rathod & Sonali Rathod
  134. Carry On Harry Neerav Ghosh Director Soundtrack

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