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New Book Release 2021 by Michael Goddart’s A NEW NOW: Your Guide to Mastering Wisdom Daily

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William Stewart Jr.’s New Book ‘American Cultural Theater 2020’

Press Release
updated: May 11, 2021

Fulton Books author William Stewart Jr., a playwright, actor, internationally accredited freelance photographer, a coach, and an educator, has completed his most recent book “American Cultural Theater 2020”: a brilliant anthology of poems and scripts that revolve around different tales, different journeys, and different purpose.


William writes, “This book has four poems. I write my poem for special and feeling in the moments of my life experience. There are four plays that focused on the culture of twenty-first-century life. The first is called ‘Trolley to the Border.’ The path that some life takes and intercept the set at San Diego America Plaza trolley station. I try to honor Henrik Ibsen, the artist style, to focus on the social norm. The second play highlight the life, success, and struggles of Arthur Ashe. It’s called ‘World Citizen: King of the Court.’ In this play, I try to honor the amazing style of Emily Mann and her ability to use documentary and make creative and entertaining theater.


The third play is called ‘Crime Unpunished.’ It focused on four friends’ journeys with sexual abuse, suicide, healing, and building a healthy relationship. In this play, I tried to honor Lloyd Richards and his ability to take on very challenging works.


The four play is called Remember…If It Happened? This a journey of a modern-day person on how he finds the history of his name and that he is part Native American. That opens up a spiritual connection that leads to seeing the world differently.

In this, I try to honor the fun imagination of William Shakespeare.”

Published by Fulton Books, William Stewart Jr.’s book brings a good compilation of his creative works in this first volume. In verses of poetry, he wishes to carve out the feelings he had throughout those moments in his life. In dialogues of plays, he wishes to send his message and intent to the audience.


With this, the author was able to come up with this comprehensive volume.


Readers who wish to experience this amazing work can purchase “American Cultural Theater 2020” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.


Please direct all media inquiries to Gregory Reeves via email at or via telephone at 877-210-0816.

Source: Fulton Books

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