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You can pick up Questions from here Record and Submit Audio Version of your Side Story in Sequence of Questions in Q & A form.


Below is outline template for you to Audio Record Yourself and upload the audio file . Please do give mention of CarryOnHarry , About you and your work. Time is not limit here. This will be released on our platform and in Social Media for promotion.


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  1. Can you introduce your band and tell us how it all started?

    Share a brief history of the band, including how and when you formed.

  2. What genre(s) of music do you play, and who are your major influences?

    Describe your musical style and the artists or bands that inspire your sound.

  3. What is the story behind your band name?

    Is there a significant meaning or inspiration behind the name?

  4. Can you talk about your latest music release or project?

    Tell us about your most recent album, EP, or single. What was the inspiration behind it?

  5. What is your songwriting process like?

    How do you collaborate on songwriting within the band?

  6. What are some memorable moments or milestones in your music career?

    Share some highlights from your journey as a band so far.

  7. How do you prepare for live performances?

    What goes into planning and executing a successful live show?

  8. What challenges have you faced as a band, and how did you overcome them?

    Discuss any obstacles or setbacks you've encountered and how you've navigated them.

  9. What advice would you give to aspiring musicians or bands?

    Offer insights and tips for emerging artists looking to pursue a career in music.

  10. What are your future plans and goals as a band?

    Share your aspirations and upcoming projects or milestones.


Be Our Strength by Supporting Studio ( Optional ) 

We do not want to be rigid in approach by imposing any obligation to emerging musicians for coverage but if you would like us to stay in operations then here is how you can be strength of us. Feel Free to fund studio according to your choice. If you can’t still we will provide you with our services.

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