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7-Time Award-Winning Young OC Actress Will Appear in Upcoming Sci-Fi with Anthony Michael Hall

Los Angeles, CA, December 08, 2022 –(CarryOnHarry.com)– Kayden Tokarski, a 13-year-old Orange County, CA actress who just won her 7th best acting award and plays a young Julia Roberts’ character in “Gaslit,” will play a mean girl in the upcoming ’80s sci-fi, “Roswell Delirium,” starring Anthony Michael Hall.

Kayden plays the role of Becky in the upcoming sci-fi psychological drama that is set in the 1980s and pays homage to all the beloved films and shows from that era. Directed by Richard Bakewell, the film stars Dee Wallace, known for her motherly roles in 1980s hits like E.T. and Cujo; The Breakfast Club’s Anthony Michael Hall; The Facts of Life’s Lisa Whelchel; Die Hard’s Reggie VelJohnson; and Flash Gordan’s Sam Jones. “Roswell Delirium” will also introduce viewers to up-and-comers Kylee Levien, who plays the lead; Ashton Solecki; and Arielle Bodenhausen.

The film takes place in Roswell in the ’80s when the Soviets launched multiple nuclear attacks on the USA. Two years later, radiation poisoning is at its peak, unbeknownst to the population, and a magical place, called, “Spacerock,” has emerged after the destruction of Area 51. Out of desperation, people have come to believe that this land will heal their loved ones but only if they surrender them to the aliens. While the film is centered around the aftermath of the Cold War, it is ultimately about the complex relationship between a mother and her daughter and how they navigate life post-nuclear attack.

“What I’m most proud of is the remarkable performances we received from our 80s stars, and even more so from the fresh faces that the audience will fall in love with for years to come,” Director Richard Bakewell said.

In addition to filming “Roswell Delirium,” which will be released in July 2023, Kayden recently won her seventh Best Young Acting Award since 2021. She won five best young actress awards for her role in the independent film, “I Miss Her, Too.” She won an international Gold Best Young Actor award and Silver Best Acting Duo award from the Independent Shorts Awards, and a Best Young Actress from Vegas Shorts. On September 29, she won a Best Child/Young Actress award from the Indie Short Fest Los Angeles International Film Festival and on November 12, she won a Best Actress Award from LA Independent Film Channel. Last year, Kayden won two Best Young Actress awards for her role in the independent film, “Message from the Mermaids.” Kayden won an international Gold Best Young Actress award from the Independent Shorts Film Festival and a Best Young Actress award from the Venice Shorts Film Festival.

Along with starring in several films including “My Melancholy Baby” on Amazon Prime and playing the role of 13-year-old Martha Mitchell (Julia Roberts) on “Gaslit,” Kayden is an advocate. She served as keynote speaker for the 34th annual Walk Against Drugs in Orange County last year – spreading the message to tweens and teens to say NO to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and vaping – and was also a “celebrity” speaker for last year’s Red Cross LA fundraiser that also featured Mario Lopez. Kayden was also part of the Joyful Child Foundation’s 2019 (founded and led by Erin Runnion) “Be Brave, Be Safe” pilot aimed at empowering kids against predators.

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