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Author Del Wills's New Book 'Raw Diet' is a Fierce and Powerful New Collection of Poetry That Gives Voice to Society's Voiceless and Unheard

Author Del Wills’s New Book ‘Raw Diet’ is a Fierce and Powerful New Collection of Poetry That Gives Voice to Society’s Voiceless and Unheard

Popularity Views : 15 Recent release “Raw Diet” from Newman Springs Publishing author Del Wills is a stunning poetry collection that delves deep into the ills of society and reminds readers that “regression cannot win.” Press Release – Jan 5, 2023 NEW YORK, January 5, 2023 (CarryOnHarry.com) – Newman Springs Publishing author Del Wills has

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CGTrader Releases Core of Its 3D Asset Validation Tool as an Open Source Repository

CGTrader, the world’s leading 3D and digital content provider, announces it is releasing Kodama, a new plugin to make 3D artists’ lives easier.

Press Release

Dec 23, 2022

Kodama is a plugin for 3D artists who want to simplify their participation in CGTrader’s 3D creation platform, called Modelry. The plugin is currently available for Modelry and Wildcat artists and will soon be available for CGTrader’s Marketplace. It helps artists create technically correct assets and is fully configurable to suit different platforms and clients’ needs.

In addition to the plugin, CGTrader is also releasing its work on the underlying asset validation checks library as an open source repository. Pipeline developers and companies with technical departments can use the repository to build their own tools or validation pipelines based on CGTrader’s core. Additionally, everything is based on Blender, enabling the whole pipeline to be built for free.

CGTrader plans to extend the checks repository in the future to create even more robust and flexible tools. Currently, the repository is being shared as-is, but the company intends to turn it into a fully open source project. They plan to manage contributions and create a common library used across the industry so that everyone can create high-quality, reusable 3D content.

Currently, the team at CGTrader is sharing the core of their Kodama tool – the checks. In the future, they might consider sharing UI components as well, but for now, most of them are coupled with their platform-specific features.

Kodama is a valuable new tool for 3D artists, and the open source repository on asset validation checks is a valuable resource for the industry. CGTrader is constantly working to improve and evolve its offerings, as well as helping the industry to create high-quality 3D content.

Check out asset validation checks library on Github. To learn more about CGTrader, please visit www.cgtrader.com.

About CGTrader

Established in 2011, CGTrader is the world’s leading provider of 3D content. More than 500,000 customers globally, including more than 150 Fortune 500 enterprises, trust CGTrader to source and manage three-dimensional content. The company has two core product lines: Marketplace, which unites over 5 million professional 3D designers, and Wildcat, the end-to-end 3D content engine.

Source: CGTrader

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