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From West LA to Worldwide: The Cali Chixxx Story Unplugged

From West LA to Worldwide: The Cali Chixxx Story Unplugged

Popularity Views : 2,293 Hello and welcome to Studio CarryOnHarry! I’m Ella, your host for today’s interview, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the incredible trio, the Cali Chixxx, joining us. Hailing from the vibrant streets of West Los Angeles, these talented women have redefined the rap game with their exceptional fusion of

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Autopilot Story Writer Short Story Writing With AI

Crafting Short Stories with AI Tools: A Fusion of Creativity and Technology

Popularity Views : 2,131 In the digital age, the synergy between human creativity and technological advancements has led to groundbreaking developments in various fields. Writing, particularly the creation of short stories, has witnessed a revolution through the integration of AI tools. These tools assist writers in brainstorming ideas, enhancing plot structures, and even generating story

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From War-Torn Iran to Hollywood: A Filmmaker’s Journey with Sohrab Mirmont

Studio Carry On Harry : Sohrab Mirmont, a talented filmmaker hailing from Iran. Sohrab has had a fascinating journey, growing up in the midst of a political revolution and war, to becoming a successful filmmaker in Hollywood. He will be sharing his story of how his uncle, the famous film director Abbas Kiarostami, influenced him at a young age, and how he has used the experiences of his childhood to inform the way he tells stories on screen. Join us as we delve into Sohrab’s journey and discover the inspiration behind his work.

About You and Your background?

“I knew at an early age that I wanted to live a great life– one with purpose and meaning,” I remembered my childhood in Iran, “I witnessed some of the scenes that were engrained in my mind like scenes out of a movie, things you would not normally see as a child were daily occurrences for me, and they inform the way I tell stories today– that life is precious, it could end or change in a matter of moments, and that what we see can impact us, for the good or for the bad.”

“My uncle, Abbas Kiarostami, was an example for me of what was possible. I remember stumbling across his editing room as a child, seeing him working on the computer with a beautiful woman next to him. I did not know at the time what exactly he was doing, I just knew I wanted to do the same thing,” I explained.

“It was later, when we had moved to America that I realized what my uncle does for a living…he was a famous movie director, traveling the world and living the dream. It was then that I decided my job in life…I was 8 years old.”

“From that age onward, I have dedicated myself to becoming a filmmaker. Age 14 was my first project, when I wrote, directed, shot, and edited a short film for an online film competition. I cast my brother-in-law and some friends to play the parts, and I ran the show…it was the beginning,” I said. “Five years later, I received my first paycheck doing camera work for an ABC show called Skating With The Stars. It was the moment I knew I could actually make money doing this, and I haven’t stopped ever since,” I added, “This is my passion, this is my dream and I will do my best to make it happen.”

How do you convince yourself with things that you have to shoot for a film but you actually don’t otherwise believe?


In the beginning, I took every job I could. If I didn’t believe in the project, it didn’t matter…I was poor, and jobs paid the bills. Luckily, I didn’t do too much work I didn’t agree with, and even if there was something I didn’t agree with or didn’t understand, I would make myself learn or understand it in order to do the job well. I don’t think you can do anything well in life if you don’t believe in what you’re doing. Today, I don’t necessarily have to do projects I don’t believe in, and am much pickier when it comes to what I’ll be involved with. Perseverance has put me in this position to be able to choose.


Your Scripting Process ? Your approach to casting ?


My scripting process is simple…write what I know. Whenever I try to do otherwise, I end up struggling. Some call it writers block, I call it writing what you don’t know. When you write from personal experiences, or from things you’ve learned or read, everything flows much easier. This is the way to ensure you don’t write anything that doesn’t work. Because if you know it, it is truth, and no one can argue with truth. My approach to casting starts in the writing. Every character has a face, a voice, a unique story, and an identity that is different than another. This is because each character, again, is based on someone I know–or moreso, based on characteristics of people I know or have experienced throughout my life thus far. Usually, I will write a role for someone I actually have in mind, and hope that I can actually get that person to play the part when the time comes.

How much does your life influences your story telling and the characters that you bring to life ?

Everything in my life influences my story-telling and the characters I bring to life. I can’t write anything I don’t know and feel like I have authority over the story. My unique experiences, just like everyone else, informs the way I act every day. When it comes to creating art, that process comes from within oneself. If it does not, then it is not truly art or unique to the individual who created it. Usually, if you look at the body of work of any director, each film will tell you a little something about where they were at the time of making that film. Filmmaking is a form of therapy for writers and directors, because we take what is inside of us and put it out for everyone to see…any other way of doing it is cheating yourself and the people you’re sharing your work with.

How do you work on yourself to become better in your field learning , observing , reading ? Type of things you keep yourself involved with

If you want to be a great actor, don’t study acting…study everything else but acting. Because, how else will you be able to play an accountant, or a farmer, or a philosopher, if you don’t go out and learn about those things, or befriend those types of people and build relationships with all sorts of humans? You need life experience to be a great filmmaker– studying the craft is one part, but growing as a human is the greatest part of the puzzle.

To continue growing as a human is one of our main missions in life– you have to read, make new friends, travel (a lot!), experience new cultures, and most importantly, you have to be willing to be wrong. Be willing to be wrong about what you believe in, and go out to face the things you fear…Many are afraid to wander outside of their beliefs, and this is limiting. I try to be as open as possible, and understand different viewpoints. After all, if you only speak one language, you only understand one language.

Filmmaking is team work. Tell us about your team and what sort of preplanning gets done before you decide to make a film.
Tough things about making films and what keeps you going despite those tough things ?

The team at home is most important. What I mean by that is, your support system in your direct environment is what enables or disables you to do the proper prep work needed to get creating in the first place. If you’re a screenwriter, sitting at home in an undesirable situation trying to write, will only produce undesirables results. You first need to get your home-team in order, and then worry about the filmmaking team.

Making films require people who are like-minded, not like-skilled. You have to surround yourself with a team that will enable you to achieve your goals, while they themselves also achieve their goals. It has to be full circle, otherwise there will be sabotage, jealousy, manipulation, and bad feelings. Throughout the years, you discover who your true allies are, and that’s what it takes…years of experience to help you find who you are, and who your friends/teammates are.

Title Of Your New Release


What is the central theme of film ?

Can’t discuss the details of the film yet, it’s under wraps.

how many days it took you to shoot ? What locations it has been shot at ?

We are still in pre-production, but we are filming in the beautiful canals of Venice, Italy.

Share your thoughts about production process. Any interesting trivia about its making?


What platforms will the film be released? Date of release?

We anticipate a world-release for the film, on every platform imaginable.

Any other project you are working on ? Some details about the film ?

Creating feature films is my passion, but I also own an advertising agency and production company hybrid called Mirmont Pictures. We’ve created ad campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world, and continue to do so today.

How do you deal with Negative Feedbacks? How do you stay balanced with Positive Feedback ?

Negative feedback, if constructive, is fantastic and always welcome. If someone is simply saying hate speech, it’s quickly discarded as the person themselves is dealing with their own inner turmoil.

How did you hear about CarryOnHarry ? 

My publicist Josh Mitchell referred me.



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