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From West LA to Worldwide: The Cali Chixxx Story Unplugged

From West LA to Worldwide: The Cali Chixxx Story Unplugged

Popularity Views : 2,363 Hello and welcome to Studio CarryOnHarry! I’m Ella, your host for today’s interview, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the incredible trio, the Cali Chixxx, joining us. Hailing from the vibrant streets of West Los Angeles, these talented women have redefined the rap game with their exceptional fusion of

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Autopilot Story Writer Short Story Writing With AI

Crafting Short Stories with AI Tools: A Fusion of Creativity and Technology

Popularity Views : 2,172 In the digital age, the synergy between human creativity and technological advancements has led to groundbreaking developments in various fields. Writing, particularly the creation of short stories, has witnessed a revolution through the integration of AI tools. These tools assist writers in brainstorming ideas, enhancing plot structures, and even generating story

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Meet Zack Landry aka I AM A SOUND

Studio CarryOnHarry : In talks with  Music Artist Zack Landry aka I AM A SOUND.

Tell us about yourself ? Introduction Note : Name / Band Name / Location from / Goal in Life

Zack Landry aka I AM A SOUND Vacherie, LA by way of New Orleans, LA To continue be a success in my music career as well as acting career. To travel the world working with the greatest of artists out there.
How long you been in performing arts ? Share some details of initial days / learning days / experimenting days to grow to BE WHAT YOU ARE TODAY
I have been in performing arts since I was a little boy. I was a trumpet player from junior high to high school I was also in the high school choir being a director over several other choirs in school as well as a musician
What was most attractive part for you to be in this industry ? Hints : Glamour / Recognition / Satisfaction / Please Express the mindset part of joining industry.
music was and is the most attractive part about being in the industry. being an independent artist I get to be as creative as my mind will allow me to be. I am not apart of an industry because I am the industry. I create and arrange different styles of music as I go. I am free to be in my own zone musically as an Artist.
Share some experiences ( good or bad ) any that made you grow in life or profession ? Hint : Any special person who made you learn your art more / any books that helped / experiences that gave you wisdom.
Watching interviews and documentaries on several Artist (secular or gospel) is some of my favorite experiences. I love watching and learning about their past and how they started from the bottom and worked their way up.
Who inspired you ? How do you work on creating your own signature style ? Hint : Learning Skills / Mentorship / Experimenting / Practice Rituals / Asking feedback / study market trends / Notice public responses . How do you analyze all this to be known as you and BE YOU ?
Kirk Franklin is my biggest inspiration because he has broken so many barriers and walls in the music industry being creative in his own way, creating his own lane in music.
What do you want to convey through your music?
Kirk Franklin, and several other musicians and singers.
Story behind making of your new track / Album? ( idea of making , some interesting inspirational facts to share)
I wrote Hold On back in 2009. It started off as a worship song until a few years ago I decided to make some adjustments by adding a faster groove along with some verses. it started off as the New Edition’s “Candy Girl” lol however with the help of my producer, we decided to change it up again, so they won’t come after us lol. Hold On now brings a vibe with an inspirational message and for that I’m proud of that.
Any interesting trivia about making of song ? Hint : Brainstorming Idea / Recording hurdles / Sorting our any creative differences with your team etc
when I write songs, they come to me in so many ways and from different angles. for instance, it may come with the beat, verse, or the hook first.
People who you would like to thank ? Hint : Critics / Supporters who brought best in you and today you want them to thank about your growth
My mother, and some friends that have been with me since day 1. Also S/O to my old group PhaZe, if it wasn’t for them, my songs would have not came out like they have over the past few years.
People who you would like to work with and people you idolize to be like professionally ?
Kirk Franklin Tye Tribbett Jill Scott Fred Hammond. Darkchild (producer) Pharell Brandy
Where do you see your music 3 years from now ? Hints : Your Dreams / Inputs that you are gonna put in to reach there.
Top Billboard charts on commercials tv shows movies plays
How would you like to stretch your boundaries of genre in future projects ?
I’m an eclectic musician and singer, so I am and have always been open to expanding and challenging myself in the music web.
Message for Fans and listeners. ( Apart from connecting …. Your Advice / Inspiring Message
be yourself don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t and that you are nothing We all can win Create your own platform.
Personal Photo or Performing Photo ( Professional Look)
Please Upload Your Album / CD Cover
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