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Album Money Belief - Alpha Beta Delta Theta Binaurals
Album Money Belief  

By just believing I create wealth
I know how to manage my money
My mind opens to new ways to make money
I receive double of what I give
I am prosper in life
I am wealthy
I am tenacious on the things I want
I get paid what I'm worth
I invest my money wisely
I am good at making money
I use money to help myself and others

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Feeling The State of Happiness - Delta Wave Subliminal With Binaural beats

I am happy
I create my own space for satisfaction
I create my own happiness in my life
I am happy and satisfied
My goal is my happiness
I am happy here and now
Happiness is an attitude
I enjoy every single day
I feel wonderful today
I have peace of mind
My family makes me happy
I make myself happy

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Gratitude While Sleeping ( Delta Wave Water Sound)

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I have an attitude of gratitude    
My thoughts are focused on positivity and thankfulness
I am sincerely grateful and this attracts positivity into my life
I take time to be grateful for something as simple as a blue sky or the sound of laughter
I am grateful for my family
I am grateful for all my material possessions
I am thankful for simply being alive
My life is full of so many things to be grateful for
Each Morning I give thanks for another day of life
I am grateful for all the positive things that are still yet to come my way

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I Believe In Me - Delta Wave Binaural

I am perfect as I am
There is NOTHING I can't do!
Happiness surrounds me
I love and accept myself
I trust my inner being to lead me in the right path
I do all I can every day to make a loving environment for all
I am open and receptive to all the Universe has to offer me without limit.
I accept myself for who I am without fear of rejection from others
I respect myself
I release all negative thoughts
I focus on the positive in my life
I am an inspiration to all of those around me
I believe in myself
I am unique and authentic and everybody enjoys my company
I deserve to have, to do and enjoy all I like
The strength to make my life total is in me
I am important
My life is important
My goals are important
My dreams are important


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MoneyAffirmation With Theta Binaurals
MoneyAffirmation With Delta Binaurals    
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Positive Affirmations Subliminals Theta State
Positive Affirmations Subliminals    
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