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The Harmonic Journey: An Exclusive Interview with Orayvia Godoy

The Harmonic Journey: An Exclusive Interview with Orayvia Godoy

Popularity Views : 175 we delve deep into the world of the exceptionally talented Orayvia Godoy, a 25-year-old musical virtuoso known for her captivating R&B sound. This exclusive conversation, hosted on the esteemed Carry On Harry Talk Show platform, provides a rare glimpse into the heart and soul that fuel her music. With over 500

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Interview with Katerina Maria Kraft pianist and compose from Germany

Popularity Views : 1,598 Born in Germany but nurtured by the rich cultural tapestry of the Czech Republic, Katerina Maria Kraft’s love affair with music began as a blossoming seed that soon grew into an extraordinary symphonic garden. From a tender age, the world recognized her innate musicality. It was as if melodies whispered secrets

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Subhrajit Mitra Devi Chowdhurani...Bandit Queen of Bengal

Interview with Subhrajit Mitra : Devi Chowdhurani…Bandit Queen of Bengal

Popularity Views : 1,437 Subhrajit Mitra’s creative odyssey has been a tapestry woven with passion, learning, and an unwavering commitment to his vision. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the mind of Subhrajit Mitra, unraveling the intricacies of his creative process, the inspiration that fuels his stories, and the upcoming cinematic film that promises

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Meet the Author Philip La Croix , Book writing Experince

Meet the Author Philip La Croix , Book writing Experince

Popularity Views : 252 Philip La Croix, brings his captivating storytelling skills to the literary world with the release of his highly anticipated debut novel, “The Best Laid Traps.” With a background in theatre arts and a successful career as a knight for Medieval Times, La Croix’s transition into writing showcases his exceptional talent for

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Book Talks with Author Daniel Micko | New Book Release Predator Nomad

Studio Carry On Harry [ Interviews with Authors ] Book Talks with Author Daniel Micko . Occasion being his New Book Release “’Predator / Nomad‘” . Today in this interview session he is about to introduce his book to us and shares his experience as an author. He is also going to share her writing process and will share some tips for new authors .

New Book Release Predator / Nomad

Book-Talks-Author-Predator-Nomad.Title: Predator / Nomad a novel Synopsis: Dr. Jordan Roberts is a bit of a prodigy in her field of medicine, specifically genetics. Quick to bed the charismatic doctor, Saleh, a Saudi Princess and transgender security detail for her brother, must then deal with some emotional fallout. Has she actually been sleeping with the enemy? And if so, who is the enemy working for? When Saleh digs deeper, she uncovers more about Jordan’s work than anybody even knew was possible. Set around 9/11, Predator/Nomad is an enthralling and terrifying read. It urges relevance by presenting a world hurtling toward a game-changing medical advancement. The twisted plot reflects the odyssey we all take to do the right thing. Allegorically, people, in general, are more than what they seem—a cerebral look at social deviants.

Tell us about yourself. Who you are where you come from. Few things that define you ?

Book Talks with Author Daniel Micko | New Book Release Predator NomadI’m a critically acclaimed, bi-racial novelist born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After my two degrees and thesis film, I wrote my first novel: The Moonshine Wars. It covers American Klansmen, Black World War I Heroes, bi-racial friendships, bi- racial families, and bi-racial romances. I reside in the Bay Area, where I hear and tell stories. I want everyone to become a writer and I constantly remind people, “if you don’t write it down, it never happened.”

How did you discover writer in you ? What ultimately made you a writer ?

I won a MLK writing contest for school, while in the 3rd grade. I’ve been writing ever since.

What are qualities that an author should have to write well ? Hints : Visualizer / Constructing ideas within Split seconds , What is yours ?

Good question! Writing is a marriage of technical discipline and raw creative desire. A good writer struggles with the way they communicate and agonizes over proper presentation. My most effective tool in dealing with the struggle is notes. I strive to take good notes. I rewrite them and analyze them. My notes, however odd they are, make me a better writer.

Talking about your new book ? What is it all about ?

I worked my way through college at an animal research lab located in Norcross, GA. There I participated in multiple studies. One study stood out: “Angiogenesis.” This study first placed an “ameroid” constrictor on a pig’s heart and then injected stem cells into the pig, hoping to grow new vessels. The results astounded me. So I thought about stem cells while getting my film degree. I contemplated the world and how we were embarking on human replication. The concept still fascinates me but, at the same time, it’s horrifying. Human cloning is playing God, and anyone participating must address the underlying ethical issue: social justice.

How do you construct ideas into books. Tell us Journey of your Books how they travel from just a thought all the way to store ?

That is a long and arduous process; especially for an indie publisher like me. The process tests my commitment and creativity. It takes years. Once I get a concept I like onto paper, I’m like a dog with a bone and can’t stop until I’m satisfied…and then I have to market and promote the book. Writing a book and selling a book are two very different processes. They have very little to do with each other in execution.

What is your writing process. How you develop a plot, make it interesting read , create characters. Where do you draw inspiration from ?

I wrote through film school. There I developed a good sense of creating a story. You start with a character that wants something. Then you make pedestrian observations about that character’s environment. Watch for details, other characters will enter, write down what they do. By this time you have a few scenes. Now, take a look at the Hero’s Journey or the Fool’s Journey (in tarot). This will be the beginning of your outline. Get weird with it and write down everything you see. Write down a few bullet points and you can outline the whole story. Do a little bit everyday.

How do you cope with writing block ? And any tips you have found to over come those blocks ?

I’m repetitive in general so I revisit my notes and original ideas. If I have an outline, the actual writing seems spontaneous. I work within the in point and out point. I just have to figure out the middle. When in doubt, google or amazon search then get the book that comes up or read the article. Take more notes. Have some tea, eat something, and come back to it. Repeat.

What is your writing routine ? Do you fancy to write a certain type of character or book ?

Yes, I know the genre of the book before I know the plot. I take notes on marketing, the cover, etc. as I’m coming up with it. I lose time when I write. I get into a world and by the time I get hungry, 2 or 3 hours go by and I have to walk away from my computer.

What gener of books you want to write in future ?

I like science fiction, realistic science fiction–techno thrillers. However, the history of the American South if fascinating. Flannery O’Connor was right, “Anything that comes out of the South is considered grotesque, unless it is grotesque. In which case it’s realistic.”

How do you deal with Negative Feedbacks ? How do you stay balanced with Positive Feed back ?

All good works of art open to mixed reviews. 2001: a space odyssey had an interesting run. Now it’s a classic. In fact, most classic books were banned in its infancy; “To Kill A Mockingbird”.

Your experiences with publishers and editors ? Any Tips for aspiring author about finding and working with them ?

I don’t know about publishers. I had to become one to get my work into the world. Editors and critics are essential. They are the other side of your coin. Listen to them and address everything they tell you. Ultimately, it’s your story and your book so contemplate everything and editor says. Be as objective as you can. Try their ideas even if you don’t agree. Rewrite and rewrite and determine for yourself what works or doesn’t.

Any book writing in progress ?

I think my first book will be a series. I’m working on that. “The Moonshine Wars”

People whom you would like to thank and share gratitude with this interview ?

I love my girlfriend Erica Goul and her family. I love my parents Steven and Connie Micko and everyone in my family. There are too many friends to thank but thank you for all your love and support.

How did you hear about CarryOnHarry ? Any message for Studio ? Any Suggestion that we can make it better ?

Work on that landing page, clean it up! You guys are doing fine 🙂

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