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Book Talks with Author Safali Sisodia | New Book Release The Choice is yours

Studio Carry On Harry [ Interviews with Authors ]  Book Talks with Author Safali Sisodia. Occasion being her New Book Release “The Choice is yours” . Today in this interview session she is about to introduce her  book to us  and shares her journey as an author. She is also going to share her writing process and will share some tips for new authors .

Book Talks with Author Safali Sisodia | New Book Release The Choice is yours

Tell us about yourself. Who you are where you come from. Few things that define you ?

The-Choice-is-yours-Safali-Sisodia-AuthorI am worked as a postgraduate home science teacher, where I helped and motivated many young adolescent students about how to deal with different life situations. I grew up in the city of the National capital region, Faridabad India. I spend most of her time reading and searching about the philosophy of life, its origin, and how the human brain created this world from nature to this sophisticated artificial world. I love music, reading, cooking, and gardening. I stay in Singapore and want to continue writing more books about the way of life. I learned palm reading, numerology, Reiki, and meditation techniques – not for professional use, but to connect with the higher soul.

What made you a story teller ?

The idea for writing my own book came during the lockdown when I spent more time reading books like Bhagwat Gita, Autobiography of the Yogi, and many more. These books inspired me to write about my own spiritual journey and with a noble desire to be able to influence others to benefit from this.

What are qualities that an author should have to write well ?

The book should be in easy English or any other easy to understand language instead of using complicated and un-commonly used vocabulary. The second most important thing is the consistency of writing by the author which defines the depth of the work of an author.

How do you construct ideas into books. Tell us Journey of your Books how they travel from just a thought all the way to store ?

I keep writing whatever comes to my mind instead of keeping a goal to convert it into a book. Fortunately, I was able to connect all my writings to steer them into meaningful piece of work. This started 9 months back and I started writing my first book soon as the Covid started to batter our lives in a very different way which we all have not even imagined. Now it’s published and It is not less than a dream come true for me.

What is your writing process. How you develop a plot, make it interesting read , create characters. Where do you draw inspiration from ?

I love to write everything or anything. I used to write a diary since my childhood. I used to make notes whenever I read any new book about what I learned from that book. So, I have lots of diaries in my house than books in which I have my handwritten notes of different books. This really gives me a broader perspective of the topics which I would like to express to my readers.

How do you cope with writing block ?

Since it is my first book I have fortunately not experienced this till now.

What books have you written . Tell us about recent release ?

The-Choice-is-yours-Safali-Sisodia-AuthorThe book “The Choice is yours” says that life will always put you in different situations to deal with and gives you the choice to accept them positively and fight OR keep ignoring them and make excuses for your failures and blaming others including God. But when you understand your origin, your true self, then you will realize that the things you want in your life are already yours. You just have to discover your own self and connect with the Supreme Soul.

The main highlights of this book are
• Why are people so corrupt?
• Why do people think that pain and suffering are for them, but not happiness?
• How many Gods do we have? 1 or more than 10,000?
• How does our mind play games with us?
• What are the ways to control the thoughts created by our own minds?
• Is there a spiritual way to deal with the different situations in life?
• Why are both spiritual and material life important for us?

The imbalance creates problems. The presence of the soul is proof of the existence of spiritual life on this planet. Your body is made up of matter. So if you focus on your body, mind, and ego only, then what you will get is stress and anxiety. If you focus only on your soul, then also you will feel lonely. The best is to create a balance of both. How to create this balance is what you will deeply discover in this book. If you apply the knowledge of “The choice is yours” then you can achieve what many would regard as impossible.

What gener of books you want to write in future ?

Philosophy, life-journey, self-development, spirituality

Your experiences with publishers and editors ?

My experience with my publisher- “Notion Press, India” has been wonderful and they really help me at each step to get this book published. They have been incredibly supportive in editing, design and got my book published quickly on various platforms.

Any book writing in progress ?

Yes, I am writing on “Feminism”

People whom you would like to thank and share gratitude with this interview ?

I would like to thank God for all blessing and I would like to thank my family and friends who really helped me to get the courage for writing this book.

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