Harry Johal is a freelance broadcaster from Singapore who specializes in film based talk shows with Cinema Celebrities as well as musical talent.


Harry is CEO and host of the Singapore talk radio show “Carry On Harry”.

Let’s learn more about Harry….

Hello. What is your name ? How long have you been involved in the entertainment business?

Harry Johal. Well since 2003 , started at a very young age early 20’s

When did you know that you wanted to be in this business and what was your motivation?

For me Media is not a business first. Its an expression a medium that helps people to communicate about themselves, their work and all that go around. Its a responsible platform that can make or break an image , a society. I joined media not with an intention to join it I was made for it a natural progression when I told my dad at16 I want to start a magazine. I wrote stories at age of 6 just by watching a portrait I use to weave storyboards and characters. I just am Media Showman, I am performer and I am focused on it.

Who has helped you along the way and inspired you the most?

Nobody has inspired me in media, I had childhood passion to be a very famous man, a celebrity. I had always visualized myself as someone who is a star. As a kid I wanted to be like that, everything must be Big Showbiz. I followed my dreams and they kept inspiring me. And I know I am very Big Brand and I believe in myself that I will create new pathways to get noticed in life.


What are some of the highlights of your career so far?

Well many. I created 2 brands Balle Balle Radio which every Indian in India or anywhere in world knows if he ever had taste for online radio listening. Second being Carry On Harry talk show on which big Asian celebs have come and said great things about Balle Balle Radio. To me these are main highlights.

Have you received any special awards or achievements?

Recognition and respect that I command from Bollywood media agencies is biggest award.

Do you have any special events, shows / gigs coming up?

For me every show I do for Carry On Harry show is special. You never know my next email may be from which big media or celebrity to be on my show. Even a talented new comer is special for me.


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years?

Doing TV Talk Shows and being among top 3 talk show hosts of world.

What would you like your legacy to be?

Carry On Harry life must move on not just for self but for those who need me. I want to create big opportunities for needy. I will sell my name for others cause. I want to help people and take away nothing from this world. My Brand is to sell for others need. I am happy in happiness of others.


Do you have other interests? What services does your company offer?

Music and being on stage. I do talk shows with celebs and love to introduce new talents


Any special words of encouragement or advice for our readers?

Live yourself for others. Be like a Big Tree who gives shadow and fruits to others. We are all gifted and this gift is not just for personal gratification. Make the world Happy by sharing. Use your ambitions to create opportunities for others. Love is greatest Gift and share it abundantly !

Love from Carry On Harry !