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Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive

Courtney Marchesani Show You What Type of Sensitive You Are & How to Make the Most of Your Gifts!

Popularity Views : 244   Sensitives…if you are feeling marginalized or anxious, out-of-sync with the mainstream world, overwhelmed by outside stimulation, or that your gifts are undervalued by society and your peers, then Courtney Marchesani is your champion! In her extraordinary new book from Hay House, Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive: Embrace the Science of

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Book Talks Jeff Crawford Author | New Book Release Sundown on the Savannah River

Studio Carry On Harry [ Interviews with Authors ] Book Talks with Author Joe Crawford . Occasion being his New Book Release “Sundown on the Savannah River” . Today in this interview session he is about to introduce his book to us and shares his experience as an author. He is also going to share his writing process and will share some tips for new authors .

Here is Book Talks with Jeff Crawford


Name of the Book that you will talk today ? Why this title was most suitable ? Brief Synopsis Of Book ?

Book Talks Jeff Crawford Author | New Book Release Sundown on the Savannah RiverSundown on the Savannah River. The Savannah River is a common thread that runs often through this book. It’s a story that follows a man from high school through his rise in the workplace to his ideal marriage and then to its ultimate ending. The latter half shows him trying to understand where he failed and how he deals with the ending of something so important to him.

Tell us about yourself. Who you are where you come from. Few things that define you ?

I’m from North Carolina in the United States. I’m a former cowboy. I’m an outdoorsman who enjoys hunting and fishing. I play several different musical instruments. This is my 11th novel.

How did you discover writer in you ? What ultimately made you a writer ?

Facing a surgery sometime back I decided to use the three weeks in recovery to start writing. I’d always been a reader, and wanted to try writing. It took 8 tries before I finished one good enough to publish.

What are qualities that an author should have to write well ? Hints : Visualizer / Constructing ideas within Split seconds , What is yours ?

Imagination is important, a well equipped vocabulary in the setting you are writing is important, ability to weave a good story is important, but patience is the best tool to have.

Talking about your new book ? What is it all about ?

It is a suspense based emotional thriller that lets the reader get comfortable with a way things are and then turns everything upside down. The main character doesn’t know why his life has gone bad and neither does the reader until the end. How this book ends and how the main character deals with the changes and then the reason will surprise everyone.

How do you construct ideas into books. Tell us Journey of your Books how they travel from just a thought all the way to store ?

I start with an image. Then I decide if that image is at the beginning, middle, or end of a book, then I write until I get everyone to that image. It’s easier if the image is at the end because it’s an easier goal to reach.

What is your writing process. How you develop a plot, make it interesting read , create characters. Where do you draw inspiration from ?

Sundown on the Savannah RiverI do not plot or outline. Each day is as new to me as it is for the reader. Side stories and secondary characters appear when they are needed and they push the story along. Sometimes life experience plays a role, but mostly it’s just imagination and putting the words in their proper order.

How do you cope with writing block ? And any tips you have found to over come those blocks ?

Fortunately I’ve never had writers block. I’ve abandoned books because I lost interest or saw no good coming from it, but have always been able to sit and write when I want to.

What is your writing routine ? Do you fancy to write a certain type of character or book ?

I prefer to write in mornings on an iPad. I prefer darker images because they are more interesting to me.

What gener of books you want to write in future ?

As long as they are suspense based I’m open to any idea. Be they western, horror, period pieces or modern situations.

How do you deal with Negative Feedbacks ? How do you stay balanced with Positive Feed back ?

Negative feedback is the same as everyone not liking the same foods. If you don’t like my books, read someone you do like. Positive feedback is motivating as long as you dolt allow it to inflate your ego. Write your book and hope that more people like it than dislike it.

Your experiences with publishers and editors ? Any Tips for aspiring author about finding and working with them ?

Listen to everything, be open to much of it, never bend on things you think are important. I’ve enjoyed working with everyone I’ve ever dealt with.

Any book writing in progress ?

I’m due to send my latest manuscript to a publisher in mid august for approval, it’s about 70 percent complete.

People whom you would like to thank and share gratitude with this interview ?

Harry Johal of course. My cover artist April M Reign. My narrator Pamela Fagan Hutchins. My editor Pam Carpenter. The test balloons for their opinions. The friends and family who’ve shown interest in the books. And the one person who inspired this latest one.

How did you hear about CarryOnHarry ? Any message for Studio ? Any Suggestion that we can make it better ?

I’ve known about CarryonHarry for a while, I’ve been on his show twice before. I think he and the show are just great.

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