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Interview : Budgeted Wedding Author Stephanie Noircent

Studio CarryOnHarry  in talks with Stephanie Noircent book author. Today in this interview session she is about to introduce her new book to us  and shares her journey as an author. She is also going to share her writing process and things that go around building her plot and characters. Some tips for new authors are also gonna be shared as well.

Interview with Stephanie Noircent  Book Author

About You and Your background ?

Stephanie Noircent Book AuthorI am the eldest child and only daughter of a Belgian immigrant and a Canadian. I was raised to learn both English and French, and I also picked up a bit of Spanish in middle school. I have been writing short stories since I was a young child, and poetry since I was about twelve years old. This is my first published book.

How much does your life influences your story telling and the characters that you bring to life ?

I used my personal experience in ministry, research and my own wedding in order to combine my knowledge into a single book to help readers. I want them to be able to have a great wedding with an affordable price tag.

Title Of Your New Release

Budgeted Wedding: Tips for a stylish wedding on a budget

What is the central theme of book ?

Money-saving for your wedding and wedding planning are the central themes of the book.

Where did the idea came from ? How much did you tweak it ? Your Initial planning and analysis of final stuff ?

Budgeted Wedding Author Stephanie NoircentThe idea came to me when I was pregnant with my first child. I wanted to get married someday, but I didn’t have much of a budget. So, I did research so I could use those tips for my wedding when I was ready. I also came up with many unique ideas that I jotted down for the book along the years. I did tweak the book quite a few times. There were things I wasn’t sure I wanted to add, but I ended up adding them anyways and I am glad that I did. Other than grammar check and spell check, I focused on providing as much information as possible, organizing the content in the chapters, and keeping everything relevant and helpful.

How much are you playing in the book as one of your characters ? Do you ever hide behind shades of your characters ?

I mention advice from real wives in my book. I don’t have any made-up characters in my book, only real wives, husbands, couples, and people.

what is difficult to write Goodness Of Character / Evil Intentions. What do you enjoy most out of developing them ?

I don’t think this question applies to the book that I have written.

Do you structure the flow of story in beginning itself or you improvise ? In your idea what is good to have before you hit a road block ?

I just wrote without structure. Only after I had compiled all the content in one document did I start to organize everything into chapters, and in a certain order. It’s always good to have inspiration and motivation so you can face any hurdles head-on.

How many books have you written and how different is new book ? Difference is in which specific area ?

I am currently writing my second book, which is a poetry book. Budgeted Wedding is a non-fiction book, so both are very different.

Which Character do you like most and why . Any real life inspiration ? Do you ever wish to meet this character in real life ?

I based my entire book on real life.

Why will you recommend this book to readers ?

It’s definitely a necessity to save money on your wedding day. I definitely recommend this book as a gift, or as a guide to help you have the best wedding ever without having to take out a loan or dip into your retirement fund.

Have you already started working on next book ? What is on your mind for it ?

I have! My next book is called “Beyond The Stars”, it is a poetry book that should be released this year.

Any good tips you would like to share for new aspiring authors apart from saying just start the book ?

Stay consistent, and write as often as you can.

How did you hear about CarryOnHarry ? Any message for Studio ? Any Suggestion that we can make it better ?

I heard about it on a Facebook group for authors. My suggestion would be to include a section for interview questions for non-fiction authors.

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