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With Long Ride , Music Band Lost Foxes goes on celebrating friendship Journey

Studio Carry On Harry ( Online Interview Submission ) :

Tell us about your Self. Your Name, Band Name, Location, Years in Music Industry?

“Hi, we’re a band Lost Foxes here at Studio CarryOnHarry and I am here to share our music and story to you guys!

What was your Initial attraction joining Music Industry? How do you see it today?

I love to make music and be with my friends, so I thought, let’s make a band! Today the music industry is in need of smaller artists. It seems so choked up with big names making mediocre music.

Making Music. How passionate are you about it. How would you define it as a process? 

We’re all pretty passionate about making music.

Usually in your case how does song / music making process starts? Any example?

We usually start with a chord progression on piano or guitar and we record it into Logic Pro. From there we build out the song, find melodies, write lyrics, etc.

Tell us about your new release? What does it talk about ?

Our new release is called Long Ride. The lyrics were inspired by the friendship I have with my bandmates and how I couldn’t choose anyone else to be by my side in the journey we’re going through.

How important is it for you to go by market trends?
We really don’t care about market trends. We just want to make music people want to hear and make it our way.

Rejection or acceptance by listeners how much does that it matters to you ?

Its inevitable that some people will hate your music, but likewise, there will always be people who love it. Who cares if some people dislike it, there will be at least a few people that like it, and that’s what’s important.

Live Performances or Studio Recordings , Your Preferences. Any insights you
would like to quote ?
We mostly have experience with studio recording but would like to do some live stuff in the future.

What Genres you would like to attempt in future ?
I think a more rock-pop genre would be fun to make
Who are your influences? How do you try to stay unique and yet create a niche for your self ?

Our biggest influences are probably bands such as Twenty one pilots and AJR. As we do love those bands, we try to stay original by just letting our ears make the decisions. Play it by ear, really.

Any message for Studio CarryOnHarry Studios ?
Thanks for making this platform where artists can come together and discover new, smaller bands that would normally get overlooked. You guys are legends!

Official Website https://www.lostfoxesmusic.com/ 

Instagram : Lost Foxes (@lostfoxesmusic) • 

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