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Learn Correct English Grammer, Vocabulary with ChatGpt

It’s okay, if you still find it difficult to write grammatically correct sentences or struggle with spelling.

What if we make learning easier while you continue to work?

Example input

Input Grammatically WRONG text : [my father eaten allready now he rush outside to the dog he is walking my dog in parks]

Example output ( Auto Fixture of Sentences and Spellings )

[My father has already eaten. Now he is rushing outside to walk the dog in the park.]


Explanation & Suggestions: Use “has” with “already” to show that the action is completed in the past. <br> 2. Use “rushing outside” instead of “rush outside” to convey the ongoing action. <br> 3. Use “walk the dog” instead of “walking my dog” to make it clear who is performing the action. <

Use “park” instead of “parks” since it’s one specific location.




Suggestions to make the text more effective and impressionable:


Use a more descriptive word instead of “walking,” such as “strolling,” “taking for a walk,” or “exercising.”

Instead of using “my father,” try using a more descriptive noun, such as “Dad,” “my old man,” or “my parent.”

Consider adding an adjective or adverb to make the text more descriptive, such as “my energetic dog” or “my father’s leisurely stroll.”

Expert output with suggested changes:


My parent has already eaten, and now he is taking our energetic dog for a leisurely stroll in the park.

Expert Opinion : The corrected version is grammatically correct and clear. It effectively conveys the message and sounds natural. The suggested changes help to improve clarity and readability, and make the message more impactful. Good job!

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