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New Book Release 2021 by Michael Goddart’s A NEW NOW: Your Guide to Mastering Wisdom Daily

Popularity Views : 93 New Book Releases in 2021 has a new arrival lined up to lure readers to book stores.We are here to talk about Author Michael Goddart’s new book A NEW NOW: Your Guide to Mastering Wisdom Daily. We at studio carryonharry are pleased to introduce this new book by author Michael Goddart.Talking

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Singer/ SongWriter/ Producer Wibby White..

ere at Studio Carry On Harry we are with Wibby WhiteSinger/ SongWriter/ Producer with his new release. Being 10 years in music industry surely he should be having many areasbto share and inspire new generation of artists

What Goals you have in mind  for yourself ? Outlook to life and music ?

My Goal in life is to live abundantly, a life full of dreams fulfilled, talents and opportunity explored, obstacles people and negative energy’s cast aside and cleared from the pathway of peace, love health and joy a rich life.

How long you had been performing and your idols ?

I have been preforming for over 10 years now. I have been inspired by the talents of Boy George and the culture club, George Michael, Annie Lennox, Lisa Stansfield, Jamiroquai,  Burno Mars, Grace Jones, Donna Summer, Evelyn Champange King, Prince, Madonna, Jody Watley, Janet Jackson, Lady Ga Ga, Chic, Adeva, CeeCee Peniston, Patrice Rushen, Luther Vandross, and Ten City.

How do you work on your style to stay apart from your contemporaries ?

I create my signature style by combing all genre of music and vocal influences from Artist who have inspired me. Pop, Soul, Disco and Jazz.

What do you want to convey through your music ?

I want to convey Freedom, Liberation, Love, Peace and Unity.

Tell us about your new release ? Any trivia about its making ?

Optimistic is a song of hope, peace unity self respect and love. The music video for this song is amazing. It was written as a part of the body of work of Black, Disco Baby  written arranged and co produced by Wibby White..

People who you would like to thank in life ?

I would like to thank all the art and music lovers who want to give opportunity to new undiscovered  creative independent  Artist, without politics and red tape. I would love to work with people who take pride in professionalism and like to exemplify originality.

Three years down the lane what position you see for yourself ?

I see myself moving towards being more international and Global in terms of Music and message.

Days ahead your plans ?

This summer is the time when i will return to the recording studios as i shop for distribution national and internationally, my longtime producer and engineer has moved to Canada, we will begin work this summer for a fall or winter new song release. This will most likely be my most soulful sounding record to date.

Any final message for readers of Carry On Harry ?

Stay in the loop with Wibby White, TheRealWibbyWhite/Instagram  @MRWibbWhite/Twitter  WibbyWhite/YouTube  WibbyWhite/Amazon…..

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