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Adeline Yeo (HP) is an unsigned Indie Musician based in Asia region, Singapore

Adeline Yeo (HP) is an unsigned Indie Musician based Asia region, SingaporeAdeline Yeo (HP) is an unsigned Indie Musician based in Asia region, Singapore. With no prior musical knowledge and experience, she began her Indie music journey. As she keep on practising her craft, her fingers became more nimble and soon she was able to produce beautiful melodies. She felt that music brightens up my life and I hoped to do it for others.

In 2021, she has been affiliated with BMI and SoundEcchange as a writer in their performing rights organisations. In the same year, she has been approved by Free Music Archive, Tribe Of Noise and Jamendo as their artist and music producer in their Creative Commons Music Licensing music platforms.

Currently, she has released a few music singles and EPs in popular online music streaming stores including AppleMusic, AmazonMusic, SpotifyMusic, YouTubeMusic, DeezerMusic, Anghami and others.

What was most attractive part for you to be in this industry ?

The most attractive part for me to be in this industry was the flexibility to be able to compose and produce my original music to be release on online music streaming stores for distribution.

Share some experiences that made you grow in life or profession ?

Some experiences that made me grow in life or profession were the difficulty having better music exposure to expose my original music to more target fans or listeners. I learned my weakness of my original music where it lies from some music bloggers professionals who provided some music reviews for my music improvement.
Who inspired you ? How do you work on creating your own signature style ?
No one really inspired me yet. I felt that just be natural of myself in order creating my own signature style.

What do you want to convey through your music?

I want to convey uplifting and nourishing impact through my music.

Story behind making of your new track / Album?

My most recent music single, Breathtaking Symphony Dream story is about a young lady who has a dream since her childhood days. She wished to attend a well-known orchestral concert performance. Unfortunately, she couldn’t afford the ticket price.


One fine day, a kind-hearted philantrophist who donated a large sum of donations to her charity firm. She was one of those beneficiaries. He sponsored her to attend a popular orchestral players concert performance. Finally, she realised her dream.

Any interesting trivia about making of song ?

The interesting trivia like having trial and error of what works to produce the song which I thought I could release. Sometimes, music doesn’t works well it would become cranky sound.

People who you would like to thank ?

I would like to thank Rocki, OnlyMusix, Risenode Founders, Free Music Archive Staff, Jamendo Customer Service Support and News And Media Republic Editor.

People who you would like to work with and people you idolize to be like professionally ?

I haven’t any thoughts of who I like to work with. Taiwanese Singer, Actress and Songwriter, Annie Yi and Amercian Singer-Songwriter, Debbie Gibson are people I idolize to be like professionally.

Where do you see your music 3 years from now ?

I see myself music growth in my music compositions 3 years from now. I can continue to improve in my music making.

How would you like to stretch your boundaries of genre in future projects ?

I would like to try out other music genres in my future projects such as; experimental, jazz, regaetton

Message for Fans and listeners. 
I hope fans and listeners can stream my music online or free download or purchase my music (if applicable). If they have any other friends or acquaintances who likes my music, feel free to share with them and follow me in my social networking sites for music updates.


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