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Noisy Cedric Hill Film

Noisy – A film by Cedric Hill

Popularity Views : 107 Cedric Hill has won multiple honors and distinctions as a writer, director, and producer of both film and theatre.  In 2005, he founded To & Fro Productions, a film company dedicated to telling gripping stories with depth and sophistication. As executive producer he wears many hats from developing scripts, creating budgets

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Meet Bollywood Playback Singer and Ravishing Actress – Singer Ayaana Khan

Popularity Views : 205 Studio CarryOnHarry in Association BalleBalleRadio : Meet CarryOnHarry Talk Show Guest Bollywood Playback Singer Ayaana Khan, in talks with show host Harry Johal The most awaited single ‘Leke Pehla Pehla Pyaar’ is finally out for all to enjoy. The music is in collaboration with Saregama. She has given the entertainment industry

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Book Talks with Author Wendy Varnadore | New Book Release Second Chances

Studio Carry On Harry [ Interviews with Authors ] Book Talks with Author Wendy Varnadore . Occasion being her New Book Release “Second Chances”  . Today in this interview session she is about to introduce her poetry  book to us  and shares her experience as an author. She is also going to share her writing process and will share some tips for new authors .

Subject of the book

‘Second Chances’ is a small town romance with believable characters. It’s a story about making the wrong choices and getting a chance to make the right one. It’s never too late.” – Autor Wendy Varnadora


Book-Talks-Second-Chance-with-Author. Wendy VarnadoreNicole and Jason met aboard a cruise. They shared a week enjoying each other’s company without talking of the past of the future. When Jason awakes on the final day to find she’d left without a word he vows to find her. It takes ten years but she shows up in the most unlikely of places Upon finding out something he didn’t know then he try’s to forget her, but his desire for her wins out.

Nicole never forgot their time together. But now she’s a widow of six years and mother to a eight year old son. Living in a small town she’s always tried to live a respectable life, but his presence is more temptation than  she can stand. When something else for the past is revealed, it surprises them both. Can they make a relationship in the present or will the past always stand between them?

Editors Note : 

When i visualize the story concept it appears like a silver screen love story of a kind where two separated lovers are destined to meet again. While reading the notes for a while i being a cinema fan got into few flicks that reminds me something of that type happening between the characters life. In such stories normally it all depends on way the plot moves scene after scene after scene. This we will know once we pickup the book to read else ..... Switch and speak to author . Here we go ...

Hi Wendy , Congratulations ! I liked the title of your book tell us more

About You and Your background ?

I grew up moving around a lot. Being shy, it was difficult for me to make friends, so I kept imaginary one for far longer than most kids and had my own adventures. At thirteen I moved to my hometown, caught up with some old friends and started writing Short stories about us. As a young adult a friend suggested I try writing s romance novel. Although life got in the way at times, not giving me much time to write, I wrote when I could. I stayed in my home town and got married, having a daughter who just recently moved away on her own.

How much does your life influences your story telling and the characters that you bring to life ?

I was raised by a single mother and a lot of my characters are raised by single parents, and suffer from the issues that can create. You can have the greatest single parent in the world and still have questions and insecurities.

Title Of Your New Release

Second Chances

What is the central theme of book ?

Book-Talks-Second-Chance-with-Author. Wendy VarnadoreI guess the theme of this book is even when you make the wrong choices in life, fate can give you a chance to get it right. It’s about two people who meet by chance while on a cruise and fall for each other. Upon docking Nicole slips away to honor promises made to another. Jason vows to fin her. it takes him ten years to find her not an hour from where he grew up. When he learns of the things she didn’t tell him then, he decides to give their relationship another try. As one last surprise revelation that neither of them expected, will it tear them apart for good or can they continue to build a future together?

Where did the idea came from ? How much did you tweak it ? Your Initial planning and analysis of final stuff ?

A lot of my ideas i get from music, mostly country music, although I listen to all music while writing. This idea came to me when I saw the video for Luke Bryan’s song ‘Rollercoaster’. I found myself wondering what would happen if the young couple in the song found their way back to each other. It just started forming into it’s own, deeper story.

How much are you playing in the book as one of your characters ? Do you ever hide behind shades of your characters ?

I usually make my characters more into the type of person I wish I could have been. But this character and I have one thing in common, we both worried to much about what other people think of us. Luckily I out grew it. She works through it as well.

Editors Note : Well Said Wendy ...... Why do we care too much about others ? 
its your Life .... and well its our life :-)

what is difficult to write Goodness Of Character / Evil Intentions. What do you enjoy most out of developing them ?

I find it easier to write a good character then one with bad intentions.

Do you structure the flow of story in beginning itself or you improvise ? In your idea what is good to have before you hit a road block ?

I don’t plan much. I know the characters backgrounds and a general idea of what I want to happen. I have a loose outline because some times the turns the story takes turns that surprises me as well.

How many books have you written and how different is new book ? Difference is in which specific area ?

I’ve completed two previous novel and tried getting published traditionally. It never happened but I used their feedback to learn instead of beat me down, determined to get better.

Editors Note : 

in her quote is a great tip not to give up with a negative feedback but make it an opportunity to fix the issue and move on.

"I used their feedback to learn instead of beat me down, determined to get better."

Loved this Quote

Which Character do you like most and why . Any real life inspiration ? Do you ever wish to meet this character in real life ?

There is one minor character that I’ve based off of someone from my hometown. Just one of eccentric people you get in small towns. He didn’t realize how big of an impact he would have on future generations and I believe in giving credit where it’s due. I took the liberty of exaggerating Donnie, but I think he’ll enjoy what I’ve written.

Why will you recommend this book to readers ?

‘Second Chances’ is a small town romance with believable characters. It’s a story about making the wrong choices and getting a chance to make the right one. It’s never too late.

How do you deal with Negative Feedbacks ? How do you stay balanced with Positive Feed back ?

I deal well with constructive feedback. If it’s too positive I’m sure that a friend or relative is telling me what they think I want to hear. Negative feedback I don’t let bother me because you can’t please everyone.

Have you already started working on next book ? What is on your mind for it ?

Yes, I’m currently working to give about two of the secondary characters of this book their own story.

Any good tips you would like to share for new aspiring authors apart from saying just start the book ?

Be a student of life. A higher education is terrific but we learn more from the lessons life teaches us.

How did you hear about CarryOnHarry ? Any message for Studio ? Any Suggestion that we can make it better ?

I heard about you from a Facebook writer’s group.

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