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Author Robert 'Bob' D. Patton's New Book 'Living Positive With Imperfection: A Memoir' is a Beautiful Portrait of One Man's Strength to Survive All of Life's Trials

Author Robert ‘Bob’ D. Patton’s New Book ‘Living Positive With Imperfection: A Memoir’ is a Beautiful Portrait of One Man’s Strength to Survive All of Life’s Trials

Popularity Views : 12 Recent release “Living Positive with Imperfection: A Memoir” from Newman Springs Publishing author Robert “Bob” D. Patton is a stirring memoir that explores the losses and disappointments faced by the author throughout his life. Despite each setback, Patton reveals how he never let these obstacles keep him down, always drawing on

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Author Dorothy Carle's New Book 'When Two Hearts Entwine: The Firestone' is the First Installment of an Exciting New Young Adult Fantasy Series

Author Dorothy Carle’s New Book ‘When Two Hearts Entwine: The Firestone’ is the First Installment of an Exciting New Young Adult Fantasy Series

Popularity Views : 16 Recent release “When Two Hearts Entwine: The Firestone” from Newman Springs Publishing author Dorothy Carle is a coming-of-age adventure that follows young Katrina, whose family has never stayed in one place long enough for her to make friends. Anticipating a fresh start, her latest relocation sweeps her into an adventure she

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Author Corey Haga's New Book 'Stillwater: A New Beginning' Follows Young Sam Forman Who Was Born a Slave in America and Must Do Whatever It Takes to Survive

Author Corey Haga’s New Book ‘Stillwater: A New Beginning’ Follows Young Sam Forman Who Was Born a Slave in America and Must Do Whatever It Takes to Survive

Popularity Views : 36 Recent release “Stillwater: A New Beginning” from Covenant Books author Corey Haga is a moving tale that follows Sam Forman, a young slave in the Confederate South. Though a series of circumstances finds him freed, Sam must grapple with the traumas he’s faced, while becoming a beacon of hope for many

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Life Visioning With Studio CarrryOnHarry

Life Visioning With Studio CarrryOnHarry

Popularity Views : 67 Life Visioning With Studio CarrryOnHarry : The best way around the world is become your own influence and let other influences make another persons life misfortunate. Share this… Facebook Pinterest Twitter Linkedin Email Tumblr WhatsappRelated Posts:Author James Smith’s New Book, ‘Life’s Little Lessons Too, a…Dr. Johnson Eweka Eboigbe’s New Book ‘Life

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Stevie Nicks, Lauren Daigle, 38 Special and More Partner With Greater Good Music On Truckloads of Thanksgiving Food for Florida Disaster Zone

Stevie Nicks, Lauren Daigle, 38 Special and More Partner With Greater Good Music On Truckloads of Thanksgiving Food for Florida Disaster Zone

Popularity Views : 35 Music artists team up with Greater Good Music to deliver food to families hit by Hurricane Ian Press Release – Nov 22, 2022 NASHVILLE, Tenn., November 22, 2022 (CarryOnHarry.com) – Earlier this fall, Hurricane Ian roared through Florida as one of the worst disasters in the state’s history. In the Fort

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Leonard Perlmutter on Discovering How to Put Your Conscience in the Driver’s Seat

Studio Carry On Harry : We as human beings choose what to say and how to act every day. We barrel ahead on a path that is easy and pleasurable. We try to avoid pain, and we seek immediate results and gratification-even though some part of our mind is throwing up red flags as we make our choices.
Those red flags (and the green ones too) come from our Conscience, which inevitably proves to be right. Oftentimes, we are not aware of the gentle nudge, or even the clear warning from the quiet voice of the Conscience because we are simply not tuned in.
As a result, life becomes filled with misery and suffering, financial struggles, illness, depression, overall dissatisfaction, addiction, destructive habits and behaviors, distrust of everything and broken relationships.
But now, a brilliant book by Leonard Perlmutter shows you how to give your Conscience control in your life so that all of your decisions support and guide you to act for your highest good, leading to a life of joy, love, peace and both personal and professional success.
Your Conscience: The Key to Unlock Limitless Wisdom and Creativity and Solve All of Life’s Challenges shows you how to listen for the innate Universal wisdom that is available to you in every moment of your life, and how to curb your tendency to ignore or overrule it.
At this moment in our nation’s history, given the pain caused by a global pandemic, a reckoning on race, and a more divisive political climate than ever before, our Conscience can help us turn this ship around, one heart and mind at a time.
Perlmutter is the internationally renowned meditation teacher (also known as Ram Lev), founder of the revered American Meditation Institute, author of the bestselling The Heart and Science of Yoga, and originator of National Conscience Month. Using proven tools drawn from the 5,000-year-old Yoga Science playbook and adapted for the Western mind, he has created a plan that crisply, simply and elegantly puts the power back into your hands-when you adhere to your Conscience.
Perlmutter shows how the body is powered by the Four Functions of the Mind, and it is guided by your Super Conscious Wisdom, directly connected to an infinite source of knowledge and wisdom. He first explains the role of these functions (Unconscious, Senses/Logic, Ego and the Conscience) and how they influence us, then demonstrates how you can train yourself to focus, honor and act on the Conscience, which is the ultimate decision maker! He illustrates that when the Ego, Senses, or Unconscious habits are in charge, it distorts our perception and therefore, we are put at risk of making a decision from erroneous input.
Perlmutter refers to the Conscience by its traditional Yoga terminology, the Buddhi, and notes that “when regularly exercised, the Conscience/Buddhi becomes sharp and clear like a brilliant mirror” which, of course, makes it easier to reflect our inner wisdom and guide our actions. He also introduces the concept of the two types of thoughts that precede any action-the preya (anything that leads to short-term ego or sense gratification, but conflicts with our inner intuitive wisdom and leads to pain or dis-ease) and the shreya (which is always in harmony with the inner wisdom, and leads to positive, constructive action in service to self and the world.) He shows you how to be guided and directed by shreya to hone your path to a life free of painful inner and outer conflict.
Filled with valuable experiments to begin building step-by-step the habit of letting your Conscience be your guide in every circumstance and relationship, Your Conscience is a cheerleader for your success.
Perlmutter is a charming guide on this journey with stories, metaphors and an entertaining writing style that makes this book relatable for people of any generation or walk of life. You don’t need to be a Yogi or conscious living enthusiast to glean the gift of its guidance.
“Life’s many challenges –both personal and global– are on display everywhere,” says Perlmutter. “Intellectual knowledge, however attractive and well intentioned it may be, has little power to change character, conduct or consciousness. Your Conscience is the only quality of the mind that can reliably transform the powerful, poisonous energy of negative emotions into previously unimagined and creative solutions.”

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