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Film Talks with Director Vivek Sharma “सरायपाली का वो घर” ( Sarayepaali Ka Wo Ghar )  a horror love story

Popularity Views : 126 Vivek Sharma , bollywood alias Hindi Feature Film Director from mumbai better known for his much acclaimed Amitabh Bachchan starrer film Bhootnath recently released “सरायपाली का वो घर” ( Sarayepaali Ka Wo Ghar )  a horror love story inspired from his own life experiences. The short illustration animated film version of

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Meet Jeff Knite Director The Omicron Killer

Popularity Views : 85 About You and Your background ? I was born and raised in Bronx, New York. In the 80’s and early 90’s my dad worked for a big modeling agency called Wilhelmina Models. He would bring me to work alot, so I got to meet alot of famous people at the time,

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Noisy Cedric Hill Film

Noisy – A film by Cedric Hill

Popularity Views : 185 Cedric Hill has won multiple honors and distinctions as a writer, director, and producer of both film and theatre.  In 2005, he founded To & Fro Productions, a film company dedicated to telling gripping stories with depth and sophistication. As executive producer he wears many hats from developing scripts, creating budgets

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Meet Bollywood Playback Singer and Ravishing Actress – Singer Ayaana Khan

Popularity Views : 276 Studio CarryOnHarry in Association BalleBalleRadio : Meet CarryOnHarry Talk Show Guest Bollywood Playback Singer Ayaana Khan, in talks with show host Harry Johal The most awaited single ‘Leke Pehla Pehla Pyaar’ is finally out for all to enjoy. The music is in collaboration with Saregama. She has given the entertainment industry

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Meet Camille Solari Director Of Charlie – An Amazon Prime Release

On Studio CarryOnHarry we have today Writer , Actor, Producer , Director Camille Solari Director Of Charlie to share with us her journey of life and work.

Charlie – An Amazon Prime Release :

Meet Camille Solari Director Of Charlie - An Amazon Prime Release
Meet Camille Solari Director Of Charlie – An Amazon Prime Release

Charlie is the first sitcom from the point of view of a baby, and gives its viewers, newborns-to-toddlers, a fresh angle on the tired cliches of normal ‘kids’ television. The show centers on Charlie and her dog, as they solve neighborhood crime with the help of her friends and animals,

About You and Your background? 

I went to Emerson College and decided to do the “LA Program.” My choices were Paris, New York or LA to start. I picked LA because it seemed if I was going to broke for a while at least the weather would be good. I stared off being a celebrity assistant to number of celebrities. It was hard, I saw that my true calling was being more in control creatively so I went into writing, acting and directing television and movies. Then I got more specific and started standup comedy, was told “it’s the hardest thing to do in the industry” but truthfully the hardest thing to do in the industry is something that doesn’t align with your goals and dreams, to me that is the hardest job to have.

How do you convince yourself with things that you have to shoot for a film but you actually don’t otherwise believe?

It doesn’t happen for me that often, as I am the show runner for my own TV series, Charlie on Amazon Prime video, and I am lucky to have complete creative control.

You’re Scripting Process? Your approach to casting?

Casting to me is all about the person’s personality. We were just casting an episode for season 7 of our show Charlie, and we were looking at hundreds of auditions, literally in the first 3 seconds you can see whether you like the person. I often re-write roles based on the person, who they are, what they are all about their abilities, I’ve done it many time for feature films and all the time for Charlie.

How much does your life influences your story telling and the characters that you bring to life ?

What do they say, “Art repeats life, or life repeats are…” something like that. It’s true all the episodes, and series I’ve shot, and jokes I’ve done on stage over the last year have been based on what is happening in life, either with my daughter Charlie, or my other daughter Blade, or what I’m feeling and going through. I spent a lot of time in New Zealand over the past year and half, shooting two series while I was there, and I’ve had to adapt to the culture, more conservative, generally. It’s hard, I’m Italian from Boston

How do you work on yourself to become better in your field learning , observing , reading ? Type of things you keep yourself involved with

Every night we listen to audio books to fall asleep to with my kids… Like Roal Dahl, or Spike Milligan’s Bad Jelly The Witch (a great story teller and comedian), or Hans Christian Anderson. We are so busy, it’s hard to always be able to sit down and read every day. My father would often read me Edgar Allan Poe stories; I think that’s where I got my dark comedic edge from.

Filmmaking is team work. Tell us about your team and what sort of pre planning gets done before you decide to make a film. Tough things about making films and what keeps you going despite those tough things?

Making films and making TV are quite different. TV is fast; sometimes we pull together, casting, script, shooting locations, and costumes in a day’s notice. It’s sometimes stressful but fun and rewarding because it’s fast. Doing features sometimes takes years and years of planning, it’s a slower process, also rewarding but about 7 years ago I put my focus into television when I gave birth to Charlie, because I had to narrow my focus, I just didn’t have enough time in a day (and still) to do comedy and TV. However, I am planning to direct a feature over the next couple years.

Title Of Your New Release

Charlie Season 7 Amazon Prime Video, Roku. Kiwis Coming Home, TV Three New Zealand, and Amazon Prime Video. Lost In Regina the series, season 1 coming out next year.

What is the central theme of film ?

Charlie is about a little girl and her dog and baby sister, who solve neighborhood problems with the help of her animal friends while her comedian mother experiences the perils and pitfalls of being a new mom. The show has changed a lot over the last year, it’s gotten more cinematic and film-like and sometimes surreal. It was a result of having to move to New Zealand to escape Covid and living in the beauty of the country.

how many days it took you to shoot ? What locations it has been shot at ?

Charlie varies, weeks to months.

Share your thoughts about production process. Any interesting trivia about its making?

Charlie is such a pro, my daughter who stars on the show. She has literally been acting on the show since she was 1. She is now 7, every season reflects her age. Season 1 she is 1, season 2 she is 2 etc. She is the youngest child in history to star on a series.

What platforms will the film be released? Date of release?

Amazon Prime. Roku. Tubi TV

Any other project you are working on? Some details about the film ?

Lost In Regina, is a comedy series we shot right before Covid. I wrote, starred and directed it, and had many household name comedians act in it from USA and Canada (it was a Canadian series, as I am half Canadian). It’s about an 8-month pregnant stand-up comedian (played by me) is forced to leave LA and go on a comedy tour to her homeland of Canada in an effort to pay for her imminent delivery costs after discovering that her ex- boyfriend had stopped paying insurance premiums. While flying across Canada, she goes into labor and the plane makes an emergency landing in Regina. City slicker Cami is medically forced to stay there and is offered a job hosting a small town weekly variety show. A cross between Northern Exposure and Louie It was originally supposed to be released on a popular comedy network platform but that platform during Covid went under. So we are now considering new networks as of recent.

How do you deal with Negative Feedbacks? How do you stay balanced with Positive Feedback?

I generally try not to read comments, I try not to engage in people’s criticism – those that can’t do, criticize others.

How did you hear about CarryOnHarry ? Any message for Studio? Any Suggestion that we can make it better?

My publicist.



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